7QT: Running, Kids Say the Darndest, and DIY Diaper Cream

28 March 2014

- 1 -
Thanks for the encouragement on Wednesday's post. The succulents I planted are still alive which is impressive in this house. I tend to kill succulents faster than they would die naturally if you dumped them out.

- 2 -
I've finally gotten my jog back on. I want to train for the Congress Avenue Mile in Austin, but I tend to get injured whenever I train for races. I can jog and jog and jog but as soon as I think the words "training plan," I swear an old injury will start twinging.

Kallah posted her injury proof running plan. For my runner readers (especially those with experience jumping back into running postpartum): what do you do to avoid injury?

- 3 -
Jake is seeming so much older to me. I suppose having a second baby will do that to a mother.

The other day he was outside arguing with his imaginary friend about who's turn it was.

When I hug him, he's taken to patting my head and saying: "You're a good girl, mama."

He fake laughs a lot, basically whenever we laugh about something he fake laughs and then asks, "Excuse me, Papa, why is that funny?"

I can't tell if this means he's destined for comedy or decidedly NOT destined for comedy.

- 4 -
But older seeming or not he still mispronounces things - and mispronunciations are among the best parts of parenting.

And though it's been a long time since we've used "bluebabies" or "strawbabies" in our fruit smoothies, and "roghut" may now be a more correct if laborious "yooohgerrt," no, Jake, this is Mass, this is not a "bathtizing."

- 5 -
Lucy June is ever still a mama's girl. This is still the best and worst thing about my life.

I suppose that's why God made every phase of parenting so temporary.

- 6 -
We're about to run out of my favorite diaper cream
I got outfitted with it via baby showers when Jake was born and I LOVE it, but now that I need to replace it, I'm royally balking at the price. $9.00 an ounce!?! That's like $4.50 per tablespoon!?

I'm a bit of a DIY for better or worse type, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The two main ingredients are olive oil and beeswax, and since my babies really aren't that rashy, I decided to make do with just those two and skip the fancy calendula-type stuff. I didn't intend to make very much of it, but my ratio was very off at the beginning, and as I attempted to save my efforts, my batch kept getting bigger and bigger until I had a cup and a half of the stuff.

My rookie efforts were pretty messy. Simply melting the ingredients together didn't get me the consistency I wanted, so I kept graduating my mixing tools from spoon to fork to whisk to immersion blender. Ultimately, I was left with a usable product that seems like it will work almost as well my beloved diaper cream...and enough of it to last until Lucy June turns 12.

- 7 -
The experience prompted the age old question:

Happy Fish Day! Visit Jen's for more takes.


  1. If I had a nickel for every time I've wanted to my my own diaper cream yet never actually accomplished it I'd be a rich woman! If you make some let us know. And omigoodness their precious blue eyes make me melt!

  2. Oh hey thanks for the shoutout!
    Hows that Duallie treating you so far? :)
    Jake is looking decidedly older. And I'm glad to know my 3 year old isn't the only toddler harboring well-meaning condescension. Will's thing lately is, "Mommy, I'm so PROUD of you for pooping in the potty."

  3. I've seen a recipe online somewhere for diaper cream with coconut oil.

  4. ugh I've tried to re-enter the running world after every pregnancy, only to be roundly rebuffed by … another pregnancy. My body is too loose and wiggly (ew) until about 6 months pp, and then I seem to have a whopping 12 weeks to get back into running shape, run approximately 4 miles in one go, and then promptly produce another plus sign. I'm hoping for a longer break this time around so that I can get my mileage up a little higher, but I'm also prepared for the reality that running just might not be my thing anymore, which makes me kind of sad. Just be sure you stretch a lot, maybe try wearing some compression stuff to protect your abs if they're still stretched out, and probably buy new shoes. I always blow out my running shoes when I'm pregnant, even if I'm just walking very slowly… :)

  5. Thanks for finding me via 7QT! You have the cutest little fam! Your DIY doesn't look too bad! Hope it works as well as that expensive stuff! :) If it does, you'll have to figure out what proportions you used and share that secret recipe!

  6. I got the giggles in Mass this morning and immediately thought of you. I was concentrating on the homily, but I can multi task(!!!) and there were happy little people all around entertaining themselves. One had a bag of grapes, one had a biscuit, 2 had plastic animals, another had a book and the gong went to the kid with the kitchen tongs! Whatever it takes!!!


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