Grain Free Flaxseed Pancakes

10 March 2014

So I suppose I've been making this recipe long enough to pass it along. I shall start by saying we don't practice a grain free lifestyle. I am very much NOT #againstallgrain. I love love lovity love grain. But I know a lot of people with real deal sensitivities and a lot more kids with even bigger sensitivities and in an effort not to test our luck I try to keep the real zingers, like wheat, to a minimum in this house. Think steaming french bread or fresh crunchy ciabatta over sandwich bread. (So by minimum, maybe I mean maximum.) I just make sure that wheat products fall in the quality over quantity category over here and that we steer our spaghetti and red sauce more toward pasta bolognese.

I have a very calculated algorithm that I use to determine what's *worth* eating. It's not groundbreaking or anything, and I imagine it isn't unique at all. If something is very good for me then it doesn't have to taste very good for me to enjoy it (beets). If something is bad for me then it has to taste utterly delicious or I can't enjoy it (a crispy chocolate croissant). When things are both healthful and delicious then my enjoyment level goes off the chart (avocados). I just wrote two sentences that went on in this mostly pointless vein, and I deleted them. You're welcome.

So we start with pancakes. I love pancakes. Whenever we have cultured buttermilk, I will go all in with old school fluffy pancakes, but for our weekday fare, when pancakes are just a vehicle for things like syrup or yogurt or fruit, I whip up these bad boys.

My mother originally sent me the recipe, and I think she found hers in William Davis's book Wheat Belly, and I've tweaked it and this is what I do.

Flaxseed Pancakes
Makes about 4 pancakes.

4 Tbs. Ground Flaxseed
2 Eggs
2 Tbs. Water
1 Tbs. Coconut Oil
Pinch of Salt
Dribble of Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp. Baking Powder

Mix all your ingredients together and cook'em up in a hot hot pan.

I usually mix mine in our blender. I use the blender to grind the whole flaxseeds and then I add all the ingredients except the baking soda and blend some more. I stop the blender and sprinkle in the baking soda, then I either stir it in or turn the blender on low for a couple seconds. I pour them straight from the blender into the pan. Altogether a very straightforward and easy breakfast, but it took a little practice before I was making them to my satisfaction, so if at first you don't succeed...add extra maple syrup.

The first time my mother served these I was pretty skeptical. I've tried my hand at various grain free pancakes - typically involving coconut flour - and I've never liked them enough to try them again, but these are surprisingly good considering the ingredients and do a bang up job of serving as a boat for syrup and yogurt. My husband and my brother, who typically don't stand for this kind of thing, both admit that they aren't that bad (We'll take it!), and Jakeboy hasn't even noticed that they're different from regular pancakes (For the win!).

I'm sure it's not news to you that flaxseeds are good for you. I'm pretty sure I read that in Shape in like 2002  - once a trendy healthfood addict always a trendy healthfood addict, so I can say that flaxseeds have been quite cool for quite awhile. Their omega 3 fatty acids maintain their health benefits even after being heated to high temperatures. They're chock full of fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants and all kinds of other healthful things that the French think Americans are stupid for caring about.

Go forth. Try them. Hope that your palate is as lacking in discernment as my toddler's and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for passing this on... This one will definitely come in handy in our house - since we're working on staying away from grains and flour.
    Country Girl's Daybook, recently: Olympus Has Fallen review

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I will be trying these soon :)

  3. I'm totally trying this. I grind my own grain, but I do try and limit the wheat. I also make pancakes with buckwheat, since that's a seed, not a grain.

  4. Yesss. Trying this. Can you plz offer us a conversion for 27 pancakes?

  5. Katie girl, I've switched to avocado Jake's last bite!

  6. I am making this as we speak (as I type??). Thanks for posting!

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