The Ends of Summer

25 August 2011

So we've had a happy and busy few weeks. We had a lovely shower thrown by these lovely ladies:

All of whom are expecting new little ones of their own. :D :D :D There you go. Big grins for each of you. :D :D :D and big grins for your babies.

We had a wonderful visit from my college buddies who made MAJOR hikes to come see the little Rhodes. Somehow I didn't end up with photos of any of the cool things we did. But I did end up with these:

Lauren so sweet and Alexis so mischievous.
Glencora and Jake still in their pjs.
Tara very at home in the Brentwood coffee shop with her hip haircut...
We got to see Zia Vale all the way from Roma. Ci manchi, Vale!

Other than that: drool. Yes, mostly just drool. We may be behind on certain milestones...but we're not behind on our drooling.

We've also been enjoying the air up there.

Oh, and Jake laughed today. For the first time. His first real laugh. 
What did he find so funny? 
His face. 

Work starts on Tuesday. It's been a lovely summer. Monumental. And it's over.

Maybe in honor of football season I'll join Hulu+ and start watching the final season of Friday Night Lights. Those of you who don't understand how truly exciting that is...well you need to spend some time with Coach Eric Taylor and the Panthers.

Until next time. Still the young, happy couple and our doll.

Texas Smiles

15 August 2011

I apologize for the silence: the Jake Cub and I just recently returned from the homeland. The one and only Texas Hill Country. It was an eventful couple of weeks. We watched Aunt Kathleen get married to...wait for it...Uncle Thomas. Welcome to the family!

She was a lovely and winsome bride, was she not?
Thanks to Mary via Facebook for the photos...shameless I know...
We got to see the eversodelicious MegandMary at the boda. I haven't spotted the infamous duo together since my own nuptials in the glory days of 2009.

Aunt Kathleen oh so graciously let me play with flowers for her wedding. Exhibit A:

I was very proud of the bouquet, but when she walked down the aisle I forgot to even look at them. So distracted was I by the bride and the strapping young man (husband mine) who co-escorted her down the aisle. I suppose it's to the beautiful bride's credit that she totally outshown her roses and dahlias.

We sampled some tequila lovin' from the restaurant that brags:

I was quite pleased. I also learned that the Frozen Margarita Machine is one of the top ten inventions in the National Museum of American History. Well. Of course!

We met some very important people:

Jake also got to take a trip to the legendary Montell, TX. Where the family enjoys some creek-front property. used to be creek-front property, but then after a huge flood it was riverfront property, and now, thanks to the's neither. So what do you do when your swimming hole is all dried up? Some people:

Other people:

of all the important things we did in the old TX
we really learned how to smile. 

Thanks especially to one very insistent Uncle:

Last but not (even sort of) least. One HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my father today. I love you so much, dad! I love being your daughter, and I'm so excited for Jake that you are his grandfather.

 Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday, Cousin Elizabeth!

13 August 2011

Just wanted to send out a quick Happy Birthday to my little cousin Elizabeth...who's not so little anymore... even though I remember the day she came home from the hospital!
Happy Birthday, Libby Junior! Here's a smile from Jake all for you!

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