7 Quick Takes

15 November 2013

Joining Jen today and adding my mediocre ramblings to the fray of quick takers.

- 1 -
Let's start with the most important thing, shall we? How many chocolate chip banana muffins can a mom eat in one day? Because I'm impressing myself.

- 2 -
Speaking of overeating, let's talk exercise. I went for a walk with my mother-in-law when she was visiting last weekend. Excepting a few rogue sun salutations, it was my first time being exercise-y since #2 came along. And it felt very very foreign. I walked a few times a week while I was pregnant. I also did the occasional exercise video but Jake became mesmerized by the "exercise lady," and it kind of weirded me out. It doesn't take much to opt out of exercising and into couch-surfing in the third trimester.

- 3 -
Now I'm sitting here trying to imagine a routine run with two little people in tow. For the time being while we're living in this little second floor apartment, I will be toting the offspring down some not-so-forgiving stairs and somehow maneuvering a massive jogging stroller out of the trunk of my car while keeping my toddler from dashing into the street and not dropping the baby. We will then make our way to a massive culvert that cuts straight through Houston called "The Bayou" where we will take up entirely more than our fair share of the jogging trail. As I play this over in my head, I'm counting all the potential catastrophes, and it's very daunting.

What is the multiparous jogger to do? Will I go the Grace route and do a daily wrangle with the kids and the ever-expanding stroller? Will I go the Kendra route and wake up before the littles in order to huff and puff in peace?

- 4 -
Photo dump of recent visit by Abu Joanie and Uncle Michael

- 5 -
Jake came out of his room last night holding two round blocks against his chest:

I have some airplane nipples. They're blue. No! They're bird nipples. They're for birds to land on so they can see at night.

Don't worry. My parenting book will be out sometime this spring.

- 6 -
A man and his children:

This was right before Jacob let the slinky go and sent it flinging at his son. He said by way of an apology: "Sorry, Jake, I had to let it go otherwise you were going to let it go and it was going to hit me."

Such a keeper, that man.

- 7 -
This morning at breakfast we asked Jake who all was in our family. He replied: "Baby sister, Papa, Jake, Mama, and her computer."

I will take that as a good enough reason to close the laptop...at least until naptime...

Go see Jen for more Quick Takes and have yourselves a lovely weekend!

Mother of Two

14 November 2013

What does one write when not much is happening on the daily? (I have a hard enough time figuring out what to write when a lot of things are happening.) I did just have a baby, and I can see her reflection in the computer screen as I type this. I suppose that's a pretty big thing, but what does one SAY about a newborn. I mean. I guess I could post pictures of her sleeping and talk about how she's a little gassy and grumpy at night, but otherwise she's kind of an angel compared to the hellion that her brother was at this age.

I could tell you that cloth diapering two little people with a washer that hooks up to my sink is hard. The activity of last week involved doing everything I could to get the ammonia out of my polyester inserts and finally just giving up, retiring them, and stuffing my pocket diapers with old prefolds.

But let's be real. How bloggable is ammonia? Like 5% bloggable?

Also, as a committed cloth diapering advocate, I must routinely sweep all cloth diapering negatives under the rug and portray the whole cloth diapering process as shiny and happy and full of fluffy owl-print baby bums.

So. Yeah. I'm Kate. I'm a stay at home mom. I wash a load of diapers everyday and drink wine.


I've developed a mantra for mothers of little people everywhere - and CD moms especially. And this is it:

Urine is sterile.

When things get tough, just repeat that to yourself. It helps.


Mothering two. 

We've been back in Houston for two weeks now, and I've had grandmothers and other family in town for most of that time, so I don't think it really counts. Also, Jacob's work schedule is a little dialed down currently and he's been home more than usual. So mothering two has been relatively smooth sailing so far. There is of course the typical postpartumness: crying at the drop of a hat; raining milk whenever I look at either of my children and most of the time in between; rocking a newborn at all hours of the morning while glaring at my sleeping-soundly husband. (I'm great. GREAT, I tell you, at playing the martyr.) But overall this postpartum period has been ten times more manageable than my last which involved recuperating a broken tailbone and feeling massively incompetent as a mother to a baby who wouldn't stop crying. I didn't believe Jake knew me from Adam until he was eight months old. (I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. That's really how I felt. I suppose that's another story for another post blog.) I think Lucy June likes me already.


Jake is doing pretty well with the transition, especially since he's getting much more screen time as a result of it. He asks me to put the baby down sometimes and looks at her occasionally, and that's about the extent of it. 

Well the little man is trying (and failing) to put a "fuzzy shirt" on my head and the sleeping baby in my arms is quickly waking and deciding that her world is ending or something so...that's my cue...

Five Favorites: Postpartum Edition

06 November 2013

- 1 -
I don't really enjoy wine while pregnant. I can get behind white wine, but red, not so much. Something about the room temperature liquid just kinda turns my stomach. But postpartum, my wine-o self pedals in with a vengeance.

My hometown has become a bit of a wine destination in the last decade or so and the Becker Vineyards Malbec is one of my favorites of the Fredericksburg wineries.

I typically don't spend more than $4 dollars on a bottle of wine except on really special occasions, because...well because I'm cheap. I realize that piece of info probably undermines any wine advice I could ever give, but...eh. Anyhow, my parents spoiled me with this wine while staying at their house, and now I've had to carve a special spot for Becker Malbecs into our grocery budget for at least the next three months.

- 2 -

Enough Said

- 3 -

The authoress of Team Moore is a new buddy of mine out Houston way. And I pretty much already knew she was the awesomest, and then she brought us dinner, wine, dessert, and did ALL OUR LAUNDRY. That's right. ALL OUR LAUNDRY. So that pretty much makes her a rockstar. Visit her blog. Laugh. And be jealous that she isn't your neighbor.

- 4 -

My little man has put some miles on his diapers and baby #2 finally got me to throw away the old and make way for some new pocket diapers. But as many CD moms know pocket diapers aren't the cheapest...unless you hit up Superstash.net. They have excellent customer service and really sturdy diapers especially considering the price tag. So if you're looking for pocket diapers on the cheap you should hit them up.

- 5 -

My sister-in-law alerted me again to this gem of a birth plan. It's been around for a while but well worth a click if you haven't read it before.

Now I'm off to find something other than The Walking Dead to watch while holding a sleeping baby. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 3 even if every episode had me pondering how hungry zombies sounded remarkably similar to hungry newborns.

Happy Wednesday! Visit Hallie for more favs!
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