24 September 2012

I've decided - as my lesson plan appears to be done for tomorrow and I'm moderately organized and my kitchen is clean and my baby is sleeping - to give you all a long overdue update on the offspring and all that he is up to because...well I hardly EVER talk about him and he does SO many things...it just seemed right.

Jake's words:
"bah" - Ball
"bah bah" - Papa
"bah bye duh"- Bye
 "mmmama" - Mama
"hiiiiiiiey" - Hi
"da da" - Bathtime
"da da" - All done
"tchoo" - Shoe
"go" - Go
"go go"  - anything that moves when you push it
"na na" - night night
"na na" - banana
"NO" (pause) "NO" - you said this the last time I was doing this thing

Jake has become royally obsessed with "tchoos"/shoes recently. He's been insisting on wearing a pair that is two sizes too big and adds some serious duck to his waddle.

Yesterday when he woke up from his nap he called for me, and I - being the stellar mother that I am - promptly checked on him five minutes later. But he'd found solace elsewhere.
Beyond eating shoes in his sleep, he likes to play with water on the porch while half-naked.


I'm interested to know how people parented before there were hoses.

Now you're updated. (But if you're not satisfied, you can go here to see how brilliant my baby is at playing Hide and Seek.)

Abu Visits and Jake Watches Sharks on Uncle John's Computer

19 September 2012

Hello hello hello hello hello hello.

I'm venturing out from underneath my rock on this lovely afternoon (still in my PJs, but that's why I like you people so much).
Not much has been going down in our tinier than tiny corner of SoCal besides me doing my best not to be overwhelmed by school. I'm only teaching one day a week this semester which I thought would be WAY easier than two days a week, but it's not, it's nuts. I spend the days before gearing up for my massive Tuesday of interaction with 18 year olds, then I spend the days after wandering around my house doing nothing but making To Do lists with my child bumbling around my ankles. After I've amassed all the admirable tasks I can think of, it is time to teach again. And so the cycle continues.

More notably, Jacob's mother visited last week. 

It was a jolly good time. She had Jake doing things like this:


In her best Montessorial efforts to keep him from doing things like this:


But Siri and he eventually melted her hippy heart. 


Other than that, the word on the streets is: babies. My Facebook feed is completely awash with pink and squishy newborns (and that's saying a lot...because my Facebook has its fair share on the regular.) 

Two of those little bundles belong to a couple dear friends from childhood.

Go feast your eyes on this little adventurer here. And satisfy your birth-story-hungry ears.

The other new mom *gasp* doesn't blog?!?! Join me now in an unprecedented effort to cheer her into the bloggy world: BLOG! BRYNN! BLOG! BRYNN! BLOG! BRYNN!

Yes. Brynn. That's her name. And her new baby's name is Piper Joy. And they have a dog that's bigger than both mama and baby put together named Waffles. Now you can go back up three lines and chant with a little more forza.

That is all, as I must away and tend to Mr. Afternoon Nap Refusal. Ta ta.

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