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Welcome to The Rhodes Log, a blog that exists primarily to keep family and friends updated on the little happenings in our little lives. (But it is admittedly also just a place for me to write my feelings, blather, and connect with other bloggy moms from far other worlds and other seas.)

We recently vacated our tiny and entirely too expensive corner of Southern California and moved to Texas with our eyes on someday settling in the Hill Country.

The Tribe from Tallest to Shortest
Jacob used to work for the big H to the ollywood but a few years ago went "full blue collar" and is happier if a little sweatier.

Katie (me) is a Katherine who also goes by Kate and used to teach but now mostly mothers and reads about traditional foods.

They met in college.

But that's another story.

Jake the Firstborn
Jake broke my tailbone when he came out and has been breaking me in ever since. When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut or a chef. He loves to read and listen to stories. Once on his way to the bathroom in his early potty-training years, he asked his dad "Hey, could you hook me up with a book?"

Lucy June
Lucy June joined us in a flurry right after we moved from California to Texas. She once told me she wanted to turn our whole house pink. I asked if there was anything in the house that she wouldn't change and she replied: "I wouldn't change any of the pink things." My girl. She's whip smart and will take her pants as skirts please.

Roman, affectionately known as Romie or Roman Johnny Bomb
He came out big and that hasn't changed, even though he always tells us he's "too tiny" to do things. He asked me once: "Mama, when I'n big and you're tiny tan I hold you?" I like him too.

Happy clicking around the blog!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog last month I think via Grace
    and your love story. I've read several posts and
    am looking forward to your next one. We've got
    a few things in common: UD, crunchy, and
    sporadic blogging :). Good luck with your move!


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