Five of My Favorite Blogs

14 May 2014

Hello there! We're at my parents' house, making it through the unseasonably cool weather by bundling up in my sister's 90's hand me downs. 

I'm linking up with Hallie today to throw some of my fave blogs your way. A couple are new to me and a couple are oldies but goodies. Anyhow, click and enjoy.  

- 1 -
"Mum always used to say that whenever we were grumpy and irritable (even just one of us) she would worm the lot."

I can't remember how I originally stumbled on Olivia, but she has the most adorable family blog. She hails from the wilds of Australia. Her posts often feature some exotic creature or plant peeking through the sweet hands of one her beautiful children. And she says the best things like: "I was a slow as a wet week."

Check out one of their little adventures or enjoy some of her artwork or have a laugh.

- 2 -
"Good and plenty is a very brief feeling that I have for 48 hours after my weekly grocery trip, it dissipates at the same rate as the greek yogurt."

I can't believe with the amount of blogtrolling I do that it took me so long to find Rachael.  Erstwhile Dear is SO lovely. Rachael documents their family life in Boston with such grace.

Read about her learning to be a mom of two or enjoy her portrait project. Dreamy, understated, and delightful.

- 3 -
". . . while we ponder the structure of a perfectly just society. Or watch Netflix. One or the other."

I don't know, but having your husband in flight school for the first two months of your baby's life makes you kind of a rockstar. 

She runs. She cloth diapers. She's a riot.

- 4 -
"I have to get ready for a play date in the new hood this afternoon.  Let's be real, it's a mom date.  And she's from Ohio.  So clearly a match made in suburb Heaven.  I'm giving Anna a pep talk to not act like this:
I've linked to Emily before. Emily is hilarious. She's been one of the biggest perks of moving to Houston because now we hang out in real life. She blogs about the myriad mild crises of motherhood and fashion.

And now a break from catholic mom blog fodder to shout out an old graduate school buddy of mine who has the wittiest of blogs

- 5 -

Stop writing in the second person.

And go grocery shopping, for god's sake.

Stop using hash tags ironically.  No one gets it.  #dummies.

Coffee and water are not interchangeable.  Drink more coffee.

She's the kind of blogger who sorts 19th Century American Writers into Hogwarts and weaves tales of postal intrigue and she writes so deliciously well that she's always worth a click and a read.

Alright. I'm back to the grind of watching the gusty winds in the gnarly oak trees and feeding poker chips to the baby.

She's the happiest little baby, but sometimes we all need our proverbial (or literal) poker chip fix.


  1. Love having new reads!! And why do my kids eat poker chips, too??

  2. Thanks for the new reads. They look great!

  3. Thanks for the blog love, I feel so famous! I got an email from bloglovin telling me I was "amazing" for reaching 20 followers, so I knew something was up. I was cruising at 18 for so long... To clarify, Will was at dorky lawyer training, not flight school when he was gone for two months. But keep the flight school thing in there. I think it does more for my blog persona. No one has to know. Btw, we are also visiting my parents and Will is galavanting around town in a floral pink car seat. Clearly the cool thing to do!

  4. Thanks Kate! Such a sweet write-up. I never did figure out why your name rang a bell with me. It will occur to me someday I suppose. Funny, I'd never heard of the other blogs you mentioned. How do we all miss each other? Nice to have some recommendations.

  5. Oh my gosh, that Curious Adventures of Wendy is an awesome blog as are the others!! Awesome...

  6. I have never heard of these blogs - which I love!!!!! Gonna go check them out now. Thanks :)

  7. Oh Kate, my blog's one and only cheerleader! Thanks for mentioning me, even when there are vastly better blogs out there. I will admit to being mildly obsessed with Erstwhile Dear (but don't tell Rachael.) And I am excited to start secretly admiring these other blogs as well...

  8. Ummm, wait a sec. I met Rachel last week and I had no idea she was that Rachel. I'm feeling really embarrassed and star-struck now.

    1. Duh, I mean Rachael! One of the conversations we had was about how she spells her name that way. Holy crap now I'm really embarrassed.

  9. oh my - you are the very best!! A shout out from you and I now have 21 followers - this is big leagues for me (one isn't even my mother!) Now I really regret mixing up the use of "past" and "passed". What do we have to do to get you to be our neighbors???

  10. I'm just going to go ahead and add all these to my reader. You seem to have something of a blog-culling skill(:

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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