7QT: Transient Facial Paralysis and Salt Lamps

22 May 2014

Joining Jen for her Quick Takes on this fateful Thursday evening because by some craziness I managed to finish everything I wanted to get done today.

- 1 -
So on two different occasions Lucy June has thrown up everything in her stomach and then some. We think the culprit is avocado. She'd eaten avocado without incident but the first time she had more than a few bites she threw it up a couple hours later. I suspected the avocado, but I willfully ignored it because...well because avocados are the most perfect food. But then low and behold a week later and we found ourselves in barf city after she'd eaten about a quarter of an avocado.

Poor little sweet little poor little thing. Any thoughts from you mothers out there? I just want someone to tell me she's gonna get over it. But it would also be fair to just tell me to take my fat baby with her random food sensitivity and be grateful.

- 2 -
So I wrote a post about my Whirley Pop. Guess who else wrote a post about her Whirley Pop? The Brez Herself. Another reason for her to be both our favorites.

- 3 -
One thing I miss about California is always being only a few miles away from Sprouts.
There are a few of them in Houston but none anywhere close to us. So I used Jacob's afternoon off to drag the whole family there Wednesday afternoon because Wednesdays are Double Ad Wednesdays, and I had to scratch my Sprouts itch. 4 mangos for a dollar? 2 dollar blueberry pints? I know I'm a born and bred Texan and my mother is from Corpus Christi and therefore I'm supposed to defend HEB to the bitter end. But, Sprouts, you have my heart. 

- 4 -
When visiting a friend in Fredericksburg she showed me her Himalayan Salt Lamp. Jacob of course had heard of them before but I hadn't.
It allegedly purifies the air. I really want one because I never met something with "natural ionization" on the label that i didn't like. But it's hard to classify it as a real need, so I'm thinking about calling it a nightlight and counting it as a birthday present for the toddler.

- 5 -
I've been to the dentist five times in the last three weeks. I went first for a cleaning and then back for a couple fillings. Then I went back twice to get one of the fillings filed down because it was causing me pain. She finally put in a new filling today. Not sure whether we're out of the woods painwise, but I did get to take some great selfies of my mild "Transient Facial Paralysis" because the dentist was a little heavyhanded with the lidocaine.

Ah, the joys of motherhood-inspired tooth decay.

- 6 -
I'll finish off with a couple gems from the little man who must be going through a growth spurt or something because it's all food all the time with him.

After seeing him chewing on something in my rearview mirror:
Me: What are you eating?
Jake: Just the breakfus I found in my car seat.

- 7 -
After forfeiting his treat for the day because he didn't stay in his bed during naptime. I overheard him talking to a stuffed animal:

Jake: "It'll be forever that I don't have ice cream."


I'm also linking up with Blythe's Hot Mess Link Up because I think between the vomit, the temporary facial paralysis, and the car seat buffet we more than qualify.


  1. We have an avocado allergy too. Exactly the same - 15-30 minutes later the moaning starts and then puke, puke, puke until there's nothing left. She's almost three now.

    1. Oh no! I'm so sorry! When did you first notice it? Does it happen regardless of how much avocado she eats? Does she have any other similar allergies?

    2. I think she was about 9 months when I first put it together. We were in California and she puked like three days in a row in spite of seeming ok otherwise, and I realized that the only thing repeating was avocado. We haven't actually tested it recently though. She obviously felt so bad I would feel mean giving it to her on purpose. Someday she'll get some by mistake and we'll find out. She's also allergic to carrots and celery (both the stalks and root), she gets a rash. That one's way harder to avoid (think bouillon). I tried giving carrots to the baby, but no go (vom), so it seems like that runs in the family.

  2. I want a whirely pop and a salt lamp! We are same.

  3. Eek! An avocado allergy? That really stinks. Avocados are yummy goodness!
    My 10 year old son would think that salt lamp is the coolest thing ever. Maybe I should get it for his birthday, especially since his younger brother just broke his lava lamp.

  4. I'm allergic to avacado!! It's my only allergy - it makes me have horrific stomach pains for hours and I just thrash and writhe in bed until it's over.

  5. I'm also intrigued by the salt lamps...I bought a pink salt candle votive from TJ Maxx a while back just because I thought it was pretty, but now that I've heard about their supposed crunch benefits I'm considering a lamp. Word to the wise: it's surprisingly tempting to lick it. Or maybe that was just me...

  6. Abby has more food allergies (sensitivities?) than I can count so my recommendation is lay off the avo for a year. I never waited long enough for her little gut to rebuild so I think that is part of her problem. :( Salt lamps! Eager to know which you choose. I literally just researched them Wednesday - read that lots of them pool water and create an electrical risk- so I stopped researching but we want them baaaad! And Blythe - you can have our whirly pop!!! We are corn free. (hooray food sensitivities!) Keep up the great blogging Katie. Missin you lots!

  7. Oh my gosh the stats on my Whirley Pop post are blowing up. I am soooo embarrassed hahaha! But I stand by my claims therein. Whirley pops are the best. And dang girl you make partial facial paralysis look GOOD.

  8. hahaha! Love the car seat breakfast. I just vacuumed out the high chair–holy so much gross food!

  9. Oh my goodness, dental trips are the worst!!! So sorry you had to go so many times! Also so so sad for your sweet baby girl, and avocado? So weird!

    Those Jake quotes are priceless.

  10. My DH has an avocado sensitivity :( I don't get to buy them as often as I'd like. I LOVE Sprouts and their double ad weds.! I don't know what I would do if we didn't live near one especially because of our food allergies. I love that our local Sprouts has the San Gabriel mountains as their backdrop.

  11. We just moved from southern CA to Virginia recently and what I miss THE MOST! are the farmer's markets. There were 100 times more there than here, with so very much stuff.
    And I, like the others, can so so relate to the toddler/preschooler breakfast in the carseat. The best kind, right?!

  12. I may or may not have popped a cheddar bunny into my mouth from a car seat before. . . Sometimes you've just gotta eat what you can get :)

  13. I have 2 salt lamps and I completely support your desire for one. They're perfect night lights, if that's what you need to call them. Soft light that keeps you from stubbing your toe in the dark but won't keep you awake. It's a red light, which my own personal Highly Scientific Studies On Chickens revealed help us (if we're chickens, that is) to stay calm and, well, not peck each other to death. I have no clue if they actually ionize or purify the air, but I like them.

  14. Also my children enjoy licking them, which must be giving them some sort of healthy minerals, right?

  15. My oldest son had a dairy allergy when he was little and outgrew it completely by about 2 1/2. Except now he's allergic to tree nuts - really, really allergic. As in, anaphylaxis allergic. I would lay off the avocado for a good bit. I used to run a large allergy practice and the general rule of thumb was about 2 - 3 years old, if they were going to outgrow the intolerance. I would re-introduce (when you are at home and can contain the vomit!) and try just a small amount and see what happens. You could also find a naturopath who will do non-invasive food sensitivity testing. And I laughed so hard about the "breakfast in my seat"! My sister and I used to joke that we could survive for weeks on what we could forage in the car when the kids were tiny! And if you think his appetite is crazy now.......! :)

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