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05 December 2014

Hello hello, little blog, how I've missed you.

Life has been swimming along, and I've been swimming with it. Not drowning or anything, just not blogging. I meant to blog basically every day. . . just like I meant to finish our Christmas shopping before Advent. I'm planning to learn more self-discipline in my thirties, and how to meal plan, and how to shower regularly. It's going to be a sexy decade.

- 1 -
The house is still in various stages of done, and no single room is finished. We elected to get every room at least functioning before going back and finishing things up. We're pretty much there, except Jacob insists that the garage counts as a room and not a black hole of overflow and therefore insists on putting up shelving for all of his garage-y things before we put trim in the bathroom or finish the backsplash in the kitchen.

This and other stressors encouraged us to flee marital discord in favor of NOLA:

- 2 -
Jacob and I traipsed off to New Orleans to "get away" with some friends because that's what couples are supposed to do sometimes. We had the best time. We took basically zero pictures because all I wanted to do was eat. So I did.

One moment late Friday night, when all the cocktails had been drunk, I sat on a stoop eating fried chicken and Jacob was singing Iko Iko Wan Dey with a man wearing a washboard on a bicycle. And that pretty much sums up the trip.

- 3 -
Back at the ranch, my mother in law was watching the kiddos, and in a too exuberant moment promised to make Jake pie for every meal. My mother-in-law however is a hippy mama if ever there was one and spurns sugary desserts almost as zealously as she keeps promises to her grandchildren, and so began an onslaught of blueberry goatcheese pie, zucchini pie, chickpea pie.

Jake still dearly loves his Abu, but he is slightly more suspicious of pies.

- 4 -
We watched Sense and Sensibility last night, and I'm proud to say that it was the first time I watched it without falling in love with Willoughby. It helped that I'd just reread the book, but I also think I'm just getting older, more mature, and trading some of my Marianne for a bit more Elinor.

Emma Thomson's Sense and Sensibility is my favorite Jane Austen movie. I prefer it even to the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I haven't ventured very far into the world of Austen film adaptations, but I've seen my fair share. Where do your allegiances lie??

- 5 -
We put up our Christmas tree. It's a Norfolk Pine, and the very nice man at Home Depot told me it's also called a Hawaiian Christmas Tree.
Whenever Jacob describes my Christmas decoration efforts he uses words like "bayou". . . I should probably rethink the beads.

And please ignore the table in this photograph, I just recently retrieved it from my mother's house because its size was indispensable, but I painted it when I was fourteen and like the rest of my fourteen year old style decisions needs to go the way of a decade and a half ago. So repaint it I shall, as soon as. . . I don't know.

- 6 -
I never posted pics of the kiddos in their Halloween costumes. First time I ever dressed either of them up. I know it's December and I instagrammed it, but I never want to forget Lucy June's costume, so it has to go on the family blog, because excepting the time Grace dressed up Julia and Sebastian as Sebastian and Julia, it's my favorite Halloween costume ever.

I should probably Pinterest it. Ingredients: Six Pack Shiner Cheer & Paper Plate. Dispose of beer. (I find sisters-in-law are particularly good at this part. Inside joke! Love you, Jor! xoxo) Cut up packaging. Tape to Baby. Voila. A Baby Beer Bottle.

- 7 -
Jake was going to be a rocket, and in the eleventh hour a family friend called to let us know they had a Buzz costume if we wanted it. Score.
Jake still insists on wearing it about every three days. (He even wore it to a gathering at the house of our couple crush on Sunday. They hardly noticed because they're cool like that and their youngest son met us on the porch with nary a hello and said: "My pants are so so huge because I'm wearing shorts underneaf dem." So yeah. We're in like flynn.)

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  1. You have no idea HOW happy I was to see a post from you.


  2. I had the exact same experience the last time I watched Sense and Sensibility (which is surprising because I have always been SUCH a Marianne.) I will be devoted to that adaptation for.ever. Thank you to succumbing to peer pressure and posting. The internet missed you.

  3. Yay! You're back! And yay for couple getaways... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a teensy bit jealous.

    Your mother-in-law's pies–hilar.

  4. Self-discipline. Yes, I need/want improvement in this area as well. I'm just too phlegmagtastic! God-willing, with some new year goals and once we settle back in after the holidays, I can be more intentional in developing in said-are of success. And, gosh, now I want to go re-watch all Jane Austen movies!

  5. #2 - I love that song, and fried chicken, so I wish I would have been with you.

    #4 - ssshhhh - don't tell the rest of the internet but I feel the same way! S&S with Emma and Kate and Alan and Hugh is the best version of any Austen book. Ever. I've always wanted to be more like Elinor, but most of all I want to be like Colonel Brandon.

  6. I'm an Austen Junkie so I'll watch every movie adaptation a million times (except the 80s Northanger Abbey is legit weird) but my all time all time favorite is the 1995 Persuasion movie shot all in natural or candle light. It's so true to the book and awesome and painful.

  7. Glad you 'hear' from you! I also prefer the Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility to other Austen film adaptations. But! As much as I love it and also the BBC Pride and Prejudice, I was way more charmed than I expected to be with the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice. Love it.

  8. I will be the coolest Aunt in her eyes because of this some day! haha. Love these quick takes!


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