7 Quick Takes about My Kids and My Hair

20 December 2013

Quick taking with Jen today because....well because it's Friday, and I might never know that it was Friday if it weren't for the quick takers in my corner of the blogosphere.

- 1 -
Instead of "problem" Jake says "probroom."

"What's the probroom, mama?"

Every time he says it, I think life is awesome.

- 2 -
So Jacob and I have a crush on a couple in our parish, and I'm trying to figure out how to take it to the next level. They're a little older than we are, have more kids, been at the parish longer. They're down to earth and they make us laugh. (Emily, I feel you.) I will appreciate any pointers on securing a dinner invite.

- 3 -
I've been thinking a lot about "how I'm doing" as a mom of two. When Jake was a newborn life was very difficult, but the transition to two has been kind of...wonderful. I feel strange saying that and meaning it, because after Jake was born when I said things like that I was mostly lying, because it wasn't wonderful.

Two littles is hard, certainly. But it's hard in a very entertaining way. I accomplish the smallest of things and I feel so good about it. Granted, the only things that get accomplished are the things that I 100% set my heart on. One day that might be making a dinner that involves something besides baked sweet potatoes. Another day that might be exercising or blogging. So long as I don't TRY to do more than my one or two must dos, I feel pretty good at accomplishing absolutely nothing beyond those things.

And when things get crazy, and everyone is pooping and crying at the same time, I mostly find it amusing. Like I'm living in a reality show or animal planet or something. And I begin to hear a narrator comment on the eccentricity of the human species. I heard the narrator this morning when I was brushing out an embarrassing amount of rats nests in my hair: Today the mother is grooming. The mother typically grooms herself and her offspring weekly. 

I would say we are thriving...in the same clothes as yesterday and last night.

- 4 -
A few days ago, Jake saw me putting some bobby pins in my hair and asked:

"What you doin, mama? You goin to Mass?"

- 5 -
I'm thinking about getting my hair cut because I haven't been to a salon in two and a half years. Yes, it's been two years of half-hearted trims courtesy of my mom. I'm good at some things, but none of them involve "beauty regimens."

For instance, I'm about to replace the mascara that I bought (my mother bought me?) in 2009. And I've been "about to" do this for two months.

I'm wearing a cardigan today that I would very much describe as "new" and I bought it last winter.

I think I feel a new years resolution coming on.

Actually, the last time I cut my hair Jake was about the same age as Lucy June is now. So it must be some kind of postpartum hormone.

Before I end this take I will pose the age old question for you readers: bangs or no bangs?

- 6 -
Jacob spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Vegas with his brothers. He does his best to get together with all his brothers annually for some man time, and I do my best not to be bitter about it/make him feel guilty/complain about birthing a new appendage every two years and send him on his merry way for consecutive days without having to get anyone out of a car seat.

Our fatherless days weren't unbearable though because I took his escape as an excuse to come early to my parents house where I pawn off my children.

Jake wakes up at ungodly hours to eat oatmeal and blueberries with his obliging grandfather while I sleep in till said grandfather goes to work. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning I awoke to some scuffling in the bathroom and I went in to find my dad - in a tie - tackling the Everest of toddler diapers.

I felt so horrible and told him he should have woken me up, and he replied: "Your mother said the same thing."

"It's OK. I mopped this morning."
I love my parents.

- 7 -
And the most newsworthy take, I have saved for last:

Jacob and I signed a lease on a house and we're moving next month. Huzzah!! We decided against buying because we don't know how long we are for Houston. The house we're renting is quite small but it has a great kitchen, a nice backyard, and a garage. So all the ambulant members of the family are content.

More than content really. A real house. A real house that costs the same amount to rent as a our one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles did. I will still have to kick toddler toys out of the way whenever I shower but I won't have to walk up and down stairs to get to my front door.

When we drove up to meet the realtor to sign the lease, we parked and saw that our neighbors had two goats penned in their front yard. Jacob turned to me with the biggest grin and gave me a kiss right there in the driveway. Home sweet home.

Happy Weekend!

[All photo credits go to my husband who has gotten a little snarky about my recent lack of disclosures.]


  1. You are rocking it as a mom of two- I am a little bit jealous. ...and am also jealous that you have neighbors with goats. I hope that shapes up to be an awesome situation and not a horrible situation.

    If you don't get your hair cut often, no bangs....but I could see you looking really cute in bangs as well, so if you're not opposed to a) going to get your hair cut more or b) doing it in the bathroom alone, then go for it.

    and for a bit of unsolicited mascara advice, I suggest you go with Maybelline mega-plush. it is fabulous and cheap.

    I hope we run into each other in Houston sometime soon!

  2. The couple crush is hilarious. When my husband and I first got married we moved to a town where we didn't know a soul. A friend set us up with a couple she knew in the city. It was basically a couples blind date and it was awful and awkward (the other couple had some issues they decided to air with us.. Something about buying a house right next to mother). So when we finally saw a couple coffee and donuts that looked like they had a sense of humor and actually enjoyed each others company, we squeezed in awkwardly at their table and insisted they be our friends. 8 years later, some long road trips to visit each other since moving and a few God children in the mix we remain life long friends. I say go for it and ask them to dinner!

  3. I love and can relate to pretty much everything about this post. I feel the same about two - it's more enjoyable than this new baby stage was with one! And as long as I am forgiving (of myself and my many limitations) I don't feel like we are "surviving"... More like thriving but with no clean underwear and most nights leaving all the dishes for the morning. Lol. But no sarcasm intended - it's awesome and peaceful and I feel just like you said - so freakin accomplished when I finally climb in bed every night! :)
    So glad to hear you are thriving! Keep it up! And no to the bangs - cute for a week and then a horrid pain in the ass to grow out/keep short. :)

  4. Totally get the couple crush. Good luck! And I say no bangs. Not that I don't think you could pull them off, but if you're low maintenance, bangs will be more work... At least they always are for me. Of course, take this with a grain of salt, because I get my hair cut once a year, so that should give you an idea of my style commitment.

  5. An apartment is house is huge! Evening renting a house - we did that for four years before deciding to buy a house. I don't cut my hair for years. I just dont seem to make time for it.

  6. I was laughing hysterically at #5 - that is SO me! Except for the hair part, but only because mine is very fine so I keep it shorter, so I have to keep it cut. But the clothes and mascara? Yes. I'm trying to be better about being more stylish and it gets easier to "care" now that I'm not dealing with baby and toddler "sludge" on me all the time. But when my boys were really little? I couldn't bring myself to wear anything nice during the day because it would just get "splooged" as my boys like to say! And the "crush" couple - casually say to the other mother that you would love to get together sometime for a playdate or dinner or park date or something and see where that goes. Once you move into your new house - extend a dinner invite to the family.

  7. Congrats on the house! We're in our first house rental too. That whole not-sharing-walls thing is beyond delightful.

  8. Please tell me this house is next door to us.

    And I SO got a phone number on Saturday. So forward, I know!! So I say just go for it...they probably have a crush on you too!

  9. 1. Congrats on the home!
    2. Your fam is hilarious.
    3. I love your perspective on being real about how much (or little) can get done with kids (although I have only one) and rolling with it and taking pride in what does get done. You rock.


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