What the Chalkboard Says (and other words)

20 October 2011

This week has been a relatively uneventful one in the Rhodes Casa, that is if you discount the mountains of student writing I've been sifting through (and the consequent piles of dishes that I haven't touched). 

Midterms. That word fills me with more fear now than when I was a student.

Pity me pity me. I can't handle my job that takes me from home twice a week from 10-5. 

Jacob just left for some "industry party" where he will "network" and drink free liquor on some rooftop in Santa Monica.

So, I ask you, grand readership. Would you rather spend your evening ...
sipping scotch on some overlook breathing in the ocean air and watching the night twinkling on the waves of the Pacific
blogging at home?

Good. I thought so. The rest of you can just leave.

Now down to the real business of Thursday night: cheap wine, chocolate covered almonds, and pictures. Here's a good one:

Camera: Uncle John's Canon Rebel T2i
Photographer: Me (you can tell because of the implicit narrative and how exquisitely in focus the chair behind the grocery bag is)
Here's some two heads are better than one action:

Still strolling

and drooling all over the front of our clothing

 and looking generally (generically?) babyish.

And of course What the Chalkboard Says courtesy of Papa Jacob and A. A. Milne:

Happy Day!


  1. The bottom picture of Jakeypoo is my favorite maybe ever.
    You are a cool cat, Kate. Just thought you should hear it. And I love reading your Rhodes Log!

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