Onto Other Things

08 October 2011

Happy to report that Perished the Possum is no longer in my ceiling. He has been incinerated.

On to other things.

Today was a pretty day. I went and got my nailsandtoes done with my friend Ruth. Thank you Mr. Expired Today Groupon. Having pretty nailsandtoes fills me with resolutions about hygienic upkeep, these resolutions will last until the very last smudge of pale pink polish chips off because I was too lazy too touch it up or even take it off.

Jacob and I have almost finished an art project for the living room which involves these chalkboards. I left a note on them to remind Jacob why he should hang them up.


Recently, Jake has taken an interest in books. Even if it is just his bath time froggy book, I’m proud at how early he’s begun ingesting the literary.


Very literally.

Currently, Papa Jacob is at a film festival.

Jake is inspecting his on loan baby island o’fun where he will stay happy for anywhere from two to fifteen minutes.

And me. Well here’s a candidly shot picture of my coffee table accoutrements that seem to sum up my weekend pretty thoroughly:

Anawalt bag which = Jacob generally and art project specifically.
An Autumn Brew.
A running watch standing in for my impressive, postpartum every other day 30 minute jog-walks.
The Kettle Corn representing my sweet and salty kick.
The Roku remote...my shameful addiction to the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy which currently grace the halls of Netflix Watch Instantly.
A Sock Monkey...of course.

There you have it. Hasta la next time.

P.S. Jake insisted that the whole world know:

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  1. ohhhh.....he's precious, look at that round face. And YOU'RE precious and I wish we were neighbors.


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