Visiting Uncle Football Player

03 November 2011

Papa Jacob isn't home tonight. He is on Maui celebrating his mother's 60th. Now. Before you go feeling all sorry for me, let me divulge that Jake and I join him tomorrow. After flying over the Pacific all by our little lonesomes. 

So then again, maybe we do deserve some sympathy courtesy of:

Five Hours in the Air with a Five Month Old. 

Yes. I'm nervous about it. Even if Jake is a pretty good little flier. This time he's got sniffles, and I've got butterflies, and we just can't wait to be back with Papa.

We tried out our intracontinental wings over the weekend, when we went to visit this guy:

 and watch him do these sorts of things:

with all of these people:

I could shower you with all the awesome pictures that the hubs took, but I've garnered only a handful for this evening.

He captured Jake's new favoritist thing. Hair pulling.

He also captured a reunion of these two old friends:

 a classic of the Ramsay Matriarch (plus one bearded silhouette):

a little nursing-a-la-football (which my parents found particularly amusing) 

The Jonathan Ramsay nose swipe

and Jake being know...waxing eloquent about something.

Jake insisted on wearing his sports hat and found the football game riveting


Well...mostly riveting...

All that's to say: I'm so proud of you, little brother.
We loved getting to watch you play. The good ole 33 has done right by this family over the years.

And even though she's not paying attention because she's, I don't know, in Hawaii with Jake's father and other aunts and uncles. We must not forget:


  1. Gosh, he really does love his hair pulling doesn't he. I'm practically bald in some places...add that to your son's list of offenses (along with face scratching and now facing batting/smushing).

  2. Wow!!!! I love looking at these pictures. I miss you! I hope y'all had a great time in Hawaii!
    The hair pulling picture is awesome; he is a fearsome child! But the best picture is the one where he's laughing at the person who you're talking to. He looks German in that picture. Don't ask me why-- he just does.

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