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11 October 2011


I mostly just love bookmarking them and thinking about how cool to eventually maybe probably make one of them someday/year/something. I made ornaments at Christmas (which I would show you but they're packed away). I made pillow cases (which I would show you except for the fact that when I told Nana about this accomplishment she laughed and said: "So you can sew in a straight line?" Still sassy.)

But I’ve determined this year is a real winner in the DIY department. Consider the following examples:

Exhibit A:
Soft-soled baby shoes. My venture into sewing not in a straight line. I am moderately pleased with them. I would be more pleased except they look VERY homemade, and Jake will probably outgrow them next week. It was everything I could do to get Jake to stop pointing his toes for the picture.

Exhibit B:
Chalkboards for the living room wall. Complete with little snippet from a Flaubert story (always makes me think of you, Glenco!) for this week anyway. Next week Jacob decorates them, but the week after that I'm doing constellations.

Exhibit C:

So I recognize that I had some help with a couple of these, but the shoes I did all by myself.

1 comment :

  1. whattt?? on those baby shoes (chalkboard and babe also impressive...but the SHOES!!!)

    you should market and sell those pups. I would buy for Julia and sibling...and maybe two more if you could venture to make them in a size 7.5 (8 with preg swelling).



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