Buon Natale

25 December 2011

I have some pictures that didn't make it onto our Christmas card for you! Enjoy!

Baby Jake's Favorite (Impressed with his fine motor skills.)

Papa Jacob's Favorite (Impressed with his photography skills.)

My Favorite (Impressed with my baby making skills.)

Only one question for you on this blessed day: are you wearing your Christmas socks?

All I Want for Christmas

20 December 2011

Jake's Christmas List 2011

1) A spoon. A soup spoon. That I can hold in my hand all day long and no one will ever take away from me.

2) Longer baths.

3) An iPhone.

And that should do it.

Happy Last Sunday of Advent!

18 December 2011

I asked Jacob how he liked my Christmas decor. He said if we lived in the bayou we could keep it up year round.

Why grade when you can...?

13 December 2011

Life right now is a box of ungraded student portfolios. It stares at me all day long and makes me do things like

go to the beach

 play with boxes

sing along

wash diapers

and stare into this face all day long.

Yes. Lots of semi-productive procrastination in the Rhodes house these days.

Who is 6 months old today?

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