Bob and the Rainbow

01 October 2011

So yesterday Jake and I broke out the jogging stroller and strapped him into it big kid style. He's probably still too small for it, which probably makes me a bad parent, but this momma has got to get her jog on if she wants to make the next family marathon (Seattle. June.) and the baby loathes his car seat.  So facing forward in the big stroller we go, we go.
He seemed relatively content. I say relatively because, while he looked extremely bored, he didn't cry.

We were only going for a walk to try things out, but a thunderstorm (the only one I've ever seen in Los Angeles??) turned our little walk into a bit more of not run...a sit in the least soggy place we could find. Add this to the fact that I had two loads of clothes on the line, and you have a rather peeved homemaker.

I managed to stay annoyed until Jake's bath time when I noticed a rainbow. It didn't last long, but the whole evening was breathtaking. Jake and I went up a level on the property to watch the back of the sunset. Or whatever you would call the eastern sky.

Substract the buildings and the jets flying into LAX and the awful electric billboards and it made me think of the kind of sunsets we get in Texas. Someday we'll watch those together, little buddy.

This morning were woken up a little too early by a chain saw next door. But at least one of us was cheery. (I put this up for your enjoyment and make no apologies for all my getJaketolaugh antics.)

Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. ah.

    you have a BOB?

    the darkest green with envy!

    If little Jake even tolerates the are so lucky! Julia only now loves with the help of a little bottle cocktail and an arsenal of board books which she drops every 1/3 block.

    Love the video..SO cute...he seems like such a happy little dapper boy!!!

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