School Shmool and Other Things

09 September 2011

Two weeks into the school year and things seem to be off to a pretty smooth start. Jake has been coming to campus with me for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons of teaching and getting babysat by goodfriend babylifesaver Miss Wendy.

Teaching is going well. I have a celebrity's brother in one class, but I'm not allowed to say who because it will probably violate some type of privacy act. But that's exciting, isn't it? He's very quiet and I give him two more weeks before he decides he has better things to do than my class, at which point my short-lived celebrity-teaching days will come to an end. forever. 

Yesterday there was a wasp in class. It caused a hullaballoo until I shoo shooed him out the window to a round of screeches and subsequent applause. 

I curtsied. (not really)

But I did refrain from saying anything about how I'm from Texas and thus totally unafraid of bugs. I also stayed mum about how, when we were little, my brothers and I would swat down wasp nests with tennis rackets and then run like banchies as the little zingers would literally chase us all the way around the outside of the house. I also didn't tell them about how many times I've been stung by a scorpion, actually I did tell them that (4), but that's not the point. the point. is. that there's a lot of things you could say but don't when you have 19 18yearolds wanting you to talk about anything but ethos, pathos, and logos. 

Why not? 

Because you don't want to give them the satisfaction.

In other news, Jake is getting bigger. He has yet to begin mastering any of life's finer skills, but he is getting bigger. Not chubbier really. No. Just long. Sound familiar?

I'm beginning not to feel completely overwhelmed as a mother. Probably because little Jake is becoming less and less overwhelming. For instance right now he has woken up from a nap and is sitting contentedly on my lap as I type. He may continue to do this for 5 or 6 more minutes. This is most certain progress. 

As you all know...I still haven't figured out how to blog with regularity, but I suppose that too will come with time...with time and perhaps some type of elaborate baby bouncer.


Cue Photos.

Jake in his Inside the Actor's Studio Onesie.

And his new fluffy friend.

Well I suppose I will leave you with the most exciting news of the week.

Jake said his first word loud and clear yesterday morning.

The family was all lying in bed, and Jake was amidst his typical morning gurgles and chortles and furious leg kicks and rapid arm movements, when out it came, loud and clear:

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