30 Weeks of Baby 3

07 July 2015

I'm not a consistent blogger.

You've probably noticed.

This is a blog, and as such I think I've done a pretty good job at maintaining it in a certain tier. Mediocre design. Filtered cell phone photography. Rare substantial content. I don't see myself breaking from this trend as much as I would like to go all Camille Styles on you.

But I also have always managed to post a pregnancy update at 30 weeks with each of my now THREE pregnancies. So: Tradition! Tradition!

I'm a sucker for pregnancy updates and bump photos. When someone I follow on social media isn't bumpdating (sorry! ouch!) I get surly. And I always click through to see how much better/worse she wears this pregnancy over previous ones. I'm not critical. Just curious.

So here it goes. How I'm wearing pregnancy 3. Words first.

Ugh. This one's been tough. Nausea for 22 weeks. I earned myself some serious spider veins. I haven't had too much back pain yet, but I've had shin splints? Or something like them? My midwife was about 0% concerned about my shin pain, and so I'm trying not to be either. I haven't googled it yet, and that is helping.

I haven't been able to jog at all really. With my first I jogged till 34 weeks, and I managed to jog at least some with number two, but every time I try to up the waddle this time around, I get all kinds of weird pressure and pain. I have been walking a lot. If I don't walk, my shin pain and back pain get worse and I'm positively puffy by the end of the day.

When this pregnancy started, Jacob was working all the time, I was sick all the time, Lucy June stopped sleeping through the night, and Jakeboy became a holy terror of a 3.5 year old. It was rough. And then it got better. Then I picked my head up off the pillow to see that it was getting better. Around week 22, we suspended ourselves in a slow and hopeful dawn. Now the hot summer day is upon us, and life is pretty good.

Here's Jake @ 30 weeks. And Lucy June @ 30 weeks. And here's Baby #3 at a technical 30 weeks and 5 days (but who's counting...) (...me!)
And for good measure. Here's the paternal half at 30 weeks while I adjusted camera settings...
Such a sport. Such a sport.

Bye for now, friends!


  1. Jacobs clutching that beer like it's life support. And you're radiant.

  2. Great photos! I'm almost halfway through pregnancy w/ baby #3 and, ugh, really feeling it this time too.

  3. You look happy and gorgeous!! So glad you're feeling better!

  4. I love this so much!! I'm just like you - I want those bumpdates!! So, keep them coming. So glad you're feeling an ounce better!

  5. 22 weeks! Ugh, sickness for that long is the worst, especially when you've got other kids to take care of. My third baby gave me absolute (ER visiting, standing order at the IV clinic) hell. Netflix basically became my kids' surrogate mom for 4 months, and she did better than I could have at the time, to be honest.

    You look beautiful! Hurrah for feeling better!

    1. I don't throw up much, so I should probably count my luckies. Going for an IV on top of everything else...ugh and a half!

  6. Oh man, that sounds like the mother of all first trimesters! And even longer than a trimester! I am so glad it got a little easier for you.

    You look incredible!

  7. What a trooper you are, that's a looong time to be sick. But you do look really really great!!!!! I can't remember if you know what you're having??

  8. Sick for 22 weeks??? That sounds TERRIBLE! I'm about 28 weeks now and I had a few bouts of serious stomach bug-ness (thanks big kids) and that was ENOUGH!


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