For the Love of Frozen Yogurt - TCBY Giveaway!!!

24 July 2015

If you know me, you know I'm kind of a health nut. I drink bone broth. I put matcha green tea powder and whole lemons in my smoothies. After several finicky years, I've mastered the kale salad. I juice with ginger root. You know. Just like the cool kids.

I actually learned recently that a pregnant mother's diet in her third trimester will shape her baby's palate more than any other time in the baby's whole life! So right now I'm making the rounds through all kinds of strong tasting food to spice up the amniotic fluid for little Baby Three.

But when it comes to dessert, I don't play around. I don't cut corners. I will sneak spinach into a smoothie, but never into a milkshake. Scouts' honor.

And I love ice cream.

All of it.

All the ice creams. Gelato. Custard. Sherbet. Soft-Serve. I'm sure I eat it everyday.

And Frozen Yogurt  - despite its healthful aspirations - is no exception.

When TCBY reached out and asked if I was interested in joining their #GetTheScoop campaign, I first asked myself if it fit my "blogging niche" and how it would interact with my blog's "authentic voice" - actually no - I didn't do anything of that. Because, friends, I live in Texas. It is July. And I am pregnant. I just said: "Free Frozen Yogurt. Yes Please and Thank You" and then mini-vanned it to my neighborhood grocery store.

TCBY is pioneering eight new flavors and stocking it in grocery stores in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. Find it in a store near you.

I was honestly a little skeptical about how good it would be. It brags 7 probiotic cultures and lower fat and cholesterol than regular ice cream, and that's very well and good, but I still hang my hat firmly in the "eat nutritiously before dessert and then eat dessert" ring. So it just wasn't going to fit into my eating life unless it was...well...delicious.

I picked out Sea Salt Caramel Swirl and the kids picked out Extreme Cookies'n'Cream.
And then we embarked on the arduous process of ensuring it was completely delicious.
And Jacob helped.
Both were creamy and tasty and had only the faintest yogurt-y tartness.

Visit their website to see when the TCBY will be giving out free samples and coupons in your area!

And if you live (or love someone) in Texas, Arizona, or Colorado, and would like to win three months of TCBY Frozen Yogurt products, then Rafflecopter it up.


  1. So sad that this is not going on in MN! This preggo also needs fro-yo.

    I had also just recently heard about what you eat during the 3rd trimester affecting the baby's palette. I think I need to step up my game or this baby is only going to like nectarines, iced coffee, and zucchini bread.

  2. um, as a pregnant Texan, I just have one question - HOW AM I JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?! Give me all of the TCBY, but especially mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and like I said, all of it!

  3. yum!!! wish I was in the areas that are lucky enough to get this! I've recently discovered Oikos' frozen Greek yogurt and it's pretty good too (and half the fat calories of regular ice cream!)

  4. Can you share your kale recipe? You have the best recipes on here.

  5. Chocolate moose tracks! Or any of them lol

  6. Chocolate chip cookie dough for sure! I'm craving some dessert now!

  7. I am most interested in trying the chocolate moose tracks variety.

  8. I'd like to try the Double Chocolate Chunk
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  9. I would like to try English Toffee Crunch.

  10. Ohhhh this is tough! How are you supposed to choose?! The Sea Salt Caramel Swirl is probably first on my list!

  11. wishing I lived in one of the states where the flavors are being released :/
    I found you in the CWBN and your site!

  12. Just moved to Colorado and excited to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I'm like you...a health nut for my snacks and meals, but indulge in my desserts!

  13. This Texan sure would love some TCBY to beat the heat too! Mint chocolate chip has my heart :)


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