30 Weeks and Other Words

14 August 2013

So. As promised. I'm giving you a 30 week bump picture. I have wet hair in the picture after having washed my hair for the first time in - wait for it - 9 days.

Before you unfollow me, know that I usually wash my hair for church on Sunday - a la Ms. Martha and Jacob's Mennonite relatives - but we were running late to church on Sunday so...yeah...God got the dry shampoo treatment. (And of course by dry shampoo I mean straight cornstarch. Because I'm like that.) And I didn't get around to the epic wash till Tuesday.

The people who know me in person can now fill up the combox assuring the rest of you that despite all these habits, my hair doesn't typically look like a greasepot, my legs aren't that hairy, and I don't have body odor. Or they can lie. Or say they love me anyway.

But back to baby #2. The little girl. (Even though I dreamed two nights ago that she was a boy. I checked twice in my dream...But I don't put much store in pregnant dreams, because while pregnant with Jake I dreamed that he came out as a full grown American Indian in authentic garb...so do with that very useful piece of info what you will. Sorry for the dreamdeets, Grace.)

The story of this pregnancy has been the lameness of finding an OB here in Houston that would take both me as a late transfer and my not so popular health insurance. It's a long, drawn out story of time spent on hold with OB practices and medical records departments and ends with me deciding to skip Htown's medical mecca altogether and opting to deliver in my hometown. Basically, I'm running home to my daddy to make everything better.

Dad's a doctor in this little town of ten thousand people about four hours west of Houston, and the moral of this story is that both my dad and little towns are awesome. Not only did I spend almost zero time on hold in the process of setting this up, I ended up with personal cell phone numbers of hospital employees in case I had any more questions. 

I'll have my first appointment with my new OB - an old family friend - tomorrow, and the offspring and I will move in with my parents at the beginning of October when I'm full term and wait for the debut of our little lady in the same hospital where my parents' oldest daughter made her debut some 28 years ago. 

And because you all clicked through to see a pregnant lady here you go.


Just me and Mr. Camera Shy being all kids of genuine.


And here's me at 30 weeks with the Jakester


  1. Hey I wash my hair once a week for church too! But if I run out of time I just put it in a cornstarch-free bun.

    We miss you guys!

  2. You. Are. TINY. Oh my gosh I'd call you 4 months if you hadn't told me otherwise. You look fabulous and I'm glad you worked out your insurance woes. Ain't nobody got time for that when you're growing a person.

    You look lovely Kate, miss you guys.

  3. I will vouch for the ungrossness of Kate's hair. If I didn't have a job to go to every day I would consider transitioning to a shampoo-free life, as her hair is inspiring. Maybe I'll give up shampoo over maternity leave?

  4. Hey! I just found your blog, and I live near Houston, have a 2-year-old (girl) and am pregnant too (16 weeks). So just wanted to say hi!

    1. Kathleen! We're showing up at all the same blogs all over the blogosphere :-) Just had to say hi!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my small town hospital. My doctor and his nurse (who is his wife) make sure we have their home phone number so we can call with questions. And he makes sure all his preggo patients have his cell number. And when the basketball coach had to travel to districts while being close to her due date, he just took her charts along when he went to the game, and figured he'd just deliver at the closest hospital. Small towns are the best :-)

    Anyways, I'll just reiterate what everyone else is saying and tell you how great you look! Hope you're feeling as good as you look!

  6. I keep reading about the process to get rid of using shampoo but it seems so onerous and initially greasy. I have really fine, thin hair and it's awful if I don't wash it. But I want to get there!! Any tips? And I LOVE that you're going back to the hospital where you were born - I bet it's a great experience all around!

  7. Kate! You look amazing! I'm so sorry to hear what a nightmare it's been to find a doctor there, but what a blessing that now you have your parents and old friends so close!! I'm praying for you and I hope that you are feeling more settled in and rested if at all possible!

  8. 1. Yay for dirty hair.
    2. YAY!!! for baby girl Rhodes (had I missed this info previously?).
    3. Insurance sucks.


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