7 months!

31 March 2011

So as promised. Here we are at 30 weeks:

Right side 

And left side 

So yes, the waxing of the stomach. Getting closer to the end and so looking forward to it.

Not much that is picture worthy has gone on in the Rhodes cabin recently.

But of course there was Uncle Robert's visit a few weeks ago. He and three buddies were on a crazy west coast road trip for spring break and stopped in Santa Monica for a Wednesday eve.

They arrived and told me they were hungry.

I asked what they wanted to eat.

They said they weren't picky, but they wanted their stomachs and their pockets full...So we went to the grocery store, and the four strapping young men proceeded to make dinner for Jacob and me.

Look at all those big cuties in the little kitchen. We had some marvelous spaghetti that evening. I was very impressed. I was impressed by their cooking, their teamwork, their general lack of odor. I was also very impressed by how much body mass our kitchen table could handle.

The baby and I aren't sure what to make of Uncle Rob's stache, but we're definitely both crossing our fingers for those curls. Kirk's massive beard, Joey's ponytail, and Micah's recent buzz-cut all get A+'s. Jacob (as cute as he is!) doesn't get a grade because he went to Waldorf schools.

Here's another for good measure:

Apparently, Jacob is a much more entertaining photographer than I. Not even my "to dust returneth" forehead was enough to sober up the clan.

So that was a lovely evening.

Signing off. Hope all is well in your lives!

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  1. When I read Uncle Robert the first time I thought Jacob had an uncle named Robert. Haha, then I realized you were talking about brother Robert and was startled at how odd that sounded. I will feel weird being called Aunt Lily because I always thought that it would be a good name for a mean old widow in some book. Oh well, I guess I will face that in 2 months!!


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