One Hot Mess: Pizza Night

06 June 2014

This afternoon I was kneading pizza dough when my brother told me he was going to happy hour with a couple of his new Houston friends, so I considered it for about .3 seconds before offering to have them dinner. I finished the dough and nestled it into our toaster oven and sat down to nurse the baby. It felt leisurely enough. I started caramelizing some onions for topping and thinking about a salad.

Before I knew it, it was 5:45 and I'd told my brother we'd eat at 6:15.

So I cranked the oven to 500, ran out to douse the toddler in bug spray because he insisted on staying outside despite the legions of mosquitos. Jacob got home, and I barked some orders at him before plopping the baby in a high chair and running to the bathroom for a very overdue shower. I turned on the water in the shower and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe off the sink and the toilet. I saw that Jake had broken the soap into eight pieces and apparently had spilled water all over the floor.

Like all over it.

Like I was standing in a pool.

That's when I realized that, in a rather unfortunate coincidence, the shower liner wasn't draped inside the tub and the water was aiming right at the curtain. Flooded bathroom. All my fault. No time to think about it now. I adjusted the shower head and threw three towels on the floor before jumping in the shower to clean the veritable grease mop on my head (my slicked back ponytail wasn't fooling anyone) to the tune of a toddler yelling about how hungry he was. Out of the shower, I tossed the sopping towels into the tub, threw on some clothes, and strapped the baby on my back before returning to help with the dinner prep where I found my husband elbow deep in dough and my son temporarily pacified by the pizza sauce dregs.

There I stood with my hair dripping onto the kitchen floor, and I checked my phone to see a text from Rob since he and his buddies decided they'd just eat out.



I sit here hours later, and it feels so far away. The world seems so simple now in the lamplight of a Friday evening spent at home. I've eaten my weight in pizza. The children are asleep. And my bathroom floor is freshly shampooed. 

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  1. Oh man - I would be going crazy!! But kudos to you for having fun with the kids later :)

  2. Pizza and clean hair. Not a bad night in my book!

  3. I flooded the bathroom this week doing nearly the same thing! Shower head pointed at out of tub liner...but we were making meatballs not pizza :)

  4. Sounds crazy! I'm glad you were rewarded in yummy pizza and family time :)

  5. I don't know if I'd be relieved that they weren't coming or mad that they didn't at the last minute. Either way, more pizza to go around sounds great!

  6. Annoying in the moment, but almost a relief, really!


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