7QT: Like Father Like Son

27 June 2014

It's been awhile since I threw up some of what the Jacobs have been throwing down, so here we go.

The Big Jacob

Complaining about the picture of him in this post that exposes some knicks and bruises on his shins.

JACOB: It looks... It looks like I have some weird disease. (sighs) Now I have to go read all the nice comments on the post about the bed I made you.


After reading my post "On Money and Vacations and Marriage" where I complain about his careless spending habits:

JACOB: I come from a family whose relationship to money was very similar to...St. Francis's.

The Little One
Little Jake's favorite games:

1) Let's throw balls at each others' heads.

2) Surfer (Jake) & Surfboard (other person)


ME: Jake, how old is your father?
JAKE: Two.
ME: How old??

JAKE: Are you a kid or an ohdult?
ME: An adult.
JAKE: I like it when ohdults pick me up.


Describing an unpleasant odor on our walk:

JAKE: Smells like somebody's cooking a skunk.


Jacob was still in bed early one morning and little Jake ran in and jumped on his back:

JAKE: You can be my horse! Giddyon, girl. Giddyon giddyon, girlie.


  1. So, so many smiles. :D

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