Five Favorites: Gift Ideas For Him

11 June 2014

Since Father's Day is around the corner and tomorrow is Jacob's and my anniversary, I've been thinking husband pretty nonstop, so here are some gift ideas from my muchacho to yours.

- 1 -
I remember talking to my friend Wendy about gifts for her man, and she said she went for anything whiskey related. In that vein, I'll draw your attention to these Voltolo Sphere Ice Molds. Jacob has two and loves them.

- 2 -
Jacob’s had this watch for about a year now, and he really likes it. I know watches are very personal choices but this is a relatively inexpensive, knock around watch that fits a variety of occasions. a couple reviews I've read complain about the band breaking, but Jacob's is holding up really well despite constant use. 

Fun fact: despite being right-handed, Jacob wears his watch on his right wrist. I tease him endlessly about it.

- 3 -
We don’t have one of these, but Jacob wants one badly. He dreams of having one right above a trash can and he mentions it every time we move, which is regularly.

- 4 - 
Outfit His Poker Night
Jacob does Poker Night. He’s not really one to “hang out with the guys” but he morphs into Mr. Social Butterfly as soon as anyone says Poker Night. He has a Poker Felt that he rolls out on the occasion and this Poker Chip Set which he loves despite its mediocre rating.

- 5 -
Subscribe him to: The Family Handyman
Jacob loves his Family Handyman subscription. It has good tips about how to tackle things at home and great product reviews. This is straight from the husband-horse’s mouth because his gender normative wife has never peeked at it.

What are your go to gift ideas for the men in your life??

And head over to Hallie's for more favorites.


  1. I second the Handyman magazine! I got it for the hubs for Christmas last year and he loves it.

  2. My Jacob loves his ice molds. They are always (almost) filled and ready to go in our freezer.

  3. These spa gift idea would be a perfect well they can be put in a surprise gift boxes instead of a transparent container.

    birthday gift

  4. Thank you for making my life easier. I just purchased the bottle opener and ice molds for my baby daddy.

  5. Just ordered those ice molds...where would I be without you and Amazon Prime??

  6. Happy Anniversary! Have you guys tried the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey? I'm not a whiskey drinker, but that stuff is delicious. And thanks for that Family Handyman suggestion -- I think I'll go order it!

  7. Hey,A good alt. to Apple TV (esp. if you don't have a Mac) is WD TV. We have it and love it! You can stream movies and music from your laptop to your TV, watch Netflix, it's HD, and has a great remote. Another good gift for guys is a universal remote if he has a lot of devices that all have separate remotes. A cheaper version of Beats headphones is Sennheiser; have a pair and love them. Also a Spotify or Pandora sub. is nice. Bose speaker is awesome. A funny tee from Threadless or Woot!Thank you !!!

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