Celebrating as Young Parents

16 June 2014

Jacob took several days off over the weekend so we could enjoy our anniversary. On Friday we went to Herman Park to ride the kiddy train. Jake insisted that we ride in the very last car, and as soon as the train started to move he yelled: "It's my first train ride EVER!!"

We then got off and had a picnic lunch, before getting back on the train, and Jake yelled: "It's my first train ride ever...AGAIN!!!"

We then migrated to a little staycation at The Houstonian. For some reason, Friday night was the cheapest night to go, so we went. We checked in early, brought the kids, and let them splash around at the club pool. We ordered poolside margaritas and enjoyed periodic slugs of them as Jacob waded after the toddler and I kept the baby upright as she flung both arms relentlessly into the water over and over and over again.

Would I have liked to drink my cocktail and read uninterrupted in a lounge chair? Umm....yes. But Lucy June's undaunted attempts to grab the spraying water in the kiddie pool fountain were funnier for a lot longer than you'd think. And Jake is SO! EXCITED! about life that taking him to do special fun things kinda makes me feel like a hero.

Eventually Jake went home for the night to watch youtube videos of tractors with his uncles, and we grabbed sushi and went back to the hotel where we sat on the couch in our room and watched Lucy June maneuver on the floor. It wasn't exactly a hip, late night bar with deep set lounge chairs, but she is in that phase where she can only scoot backwards and thus for all her efforts just ends up farther and farther away from the object she wants. So...pretty great in its own right.

If you follow me on instagram, you know that Lucy June was raking in wrong gender compliments all weekend. One sweet lady in the line at Marshall's raved in Spanish about my sweet little boys. I smiled and nodded and thanked her, but she wasn't done. She told me we had to try for a girl, and while we were at it we should really go for two girls to balance out the family. At that point, I was just too far in.

But thankfully there was no such confusion at the pool, her cousin's hand me down swimsuit left nothing to the imagination.

So that was our weekend and it was awesome.


  1. Happy 5th Anniversary! We recently celebrated our 24th! (and are expecting #10 in September :) -I think it's funny that I'll be holding a baby in my arms for our Silver Anniversary :) ) I really enjoy your blog. I didn't realize we live in the same city. Two of my children actually work at The Houstonian (one as a lifeguard and the other as a coach!). We live in the 'burbs :P but our favorite area is Montrose...

  2. I cannot get over the lady going on about the two girls... This is the Fike child curse so I deeply relate.

  3. Happy anniversary! And, thanks for the reminder about the kiddie trains at Hermann Park! I have been meaning to take my small kids.

  4. Happy 5th!!! That bathing suit makes me smile!!

  5. You ARE a hero Kate, a flipping awesome hero!
    Did you tell SeƱorita "tu cara es como una tortuga aplastada", or did you just sit pretty? I hope the later because right now, I'm running for the confessional !
    Happy WA love birds !

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