Spotted: Empathetic Toddler

31 March 2014

Over the weekend my parents were in town and life was full of people and energy. My dad and I went on a long jog. It was a relaxed run for Mr. Boston since he's nursing a bursitis, but it was still about twice as far as I've run in a year. He pushed the double stroller, otherwise I would've been toast. I cooked in the kitchen with my mother. My folks brought us German Pretzels from my hometown bakery. Jacob and my brother had a little breather from work, and my other brother spent most of the weekend at our place too. At one point in the weekend's energy somebody broke something, one of the sweet little Anthropologie bowls Jacob bought me on my birthday. I don't really know how it happened, but it accidentally got knocked off the counter. The sound of breaking glass silenced the room, and little Jake peered over the counter onto the floor at the mess of porcelain shards.

Jake (alarmed): Oh, no! Can you fix it?
I shook my head.
Jake (deeply concerned): Was it one of your birthday bowls?
I nodded.
Jake (lip quivering): Was it special?

So much of my life is spent running interference, steering Jake in better directions, getting him involved in good things, scheduling our lives around meltdown o'clock. He's started hitting me. If he's mad when I'm putting him into his car seat, I have to watch out not to get kicked in the face. You know: life with a willful, demanding almost three year old. But peppered into the hard parts of parenting are these kinds of moments, the kind of moments that make you willing to break all your birthday bowls.


  1. ah. I love those glimmers. Jake seems years ahead of Sebastian on the empathy train ....... maybe I'll read this out loud before naps :)

  2. Oh what a doll! Those sweet moments are so special, they always help me put into perspective how big the little moments are (& that maybe Easton catches me not just being mean, boring mom and has learned something) sounds like it was a great weekend with your family! Sorry about your bowl!

  3. Awww Jake!
    And your hair!!!!! I want!!!!

  4. The kicking during diaper changes and the running away...I hear you.
    But how sweet...almost like a kiss.

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