03 March 2014

Lucy June's baptism was all sorts of lovely. The family got to sit in four different parts of the church because we were prompt as usual. At one point during the service I saw my son walking down the side aisle aiming, per his most recent ecclesial obsession, for the kneelers in the front. I had the baby and turned around to glare at my husband four pews back and sent my brother running down to fetch back our wannabe altar boy. I then thought of all the people who had seen the not-so-nice face I'd made at my husband, so I turned back to Jacob and mustered more of a "Kids do the darnedest and I love you" face. Nothing if not genuine over here.

At some point during the homily I started to wonder whether I'd gotten the baptism date wrong. What if today wasn't the right day? What if this wasn't the right Mass time? I was pretty sure, but I haven't been winning at the whole life organization game. I mean last week could alternately be called 7 posts in 7 days or 1 home cooked meal in 7 days. By the prayer of the faithful I was almost in a sweat. My 93 year old grandmother had driven four hours to be here and Jacob had three family members in from three corners of the nation, and I might have told them the wrong thing. So when they asked for our personal intentions I offered up some heartfelt "don't let me actually be this flaky" and "please please please let my daughter get baptized today." 

My prayers were answered, and now baby smells of holy chrism and a new beginning of goodness. 

The family baptismal gown - appropriately size newborn - was a little scandalous on little miss four months already, but at least it showed off her not androgynous diaper cover.

Opie wrangled the toddler during the naptime baptism.

They were both champs.

Jake even - almost - cooperated for the formal photography.

We enjoyed the 100% humidity 78 degree weather  

with Mrs. Bazin Chronicles and her little Miracle Man and lots of others

until a front sent the temps plummeting and blew us all inside.

The godparents did bang up jobs and posed for an awkward number 

of awkward pictures 

with their charge. No, they are not married, and, no, they are not related, and, yes, Jacob and I are fully aware of the general lack of genetic diversity between our families of origin. 

So welcome into the fold little Lucy June. We are so glad you are here with us.


  1. aw -- Congrats Lucy June!!!!!

    And I always feel terrible how much anxiety baptisms give me so I really appreciate the happy balance you strike with the ..... it was perfect/but not perfect tone ..... Jake is a character and he and Bash must room together in college. must!!!!!

    and gimme your long locks. now.

    always vapid,


  2. Welcome, Lucy June!

    My favorite part was the second look you have Jacob. Ha! Yes.

    You look beautiful, Mama!

  3. Congrats to the newest Catholic in blog land! So great to see you and Anne together, it's like seeing a rainbow or a four leaf clover or fat free but still tasty chocolate chip cookies. your family is beautiful, and I'm not too shallow to admit how jealous I am of your postpartum figure. Dang girl, you were meant to have lots of babies :)

  4. Hi Miranda! And congrats Lucy June!

  5. Oh Belss little Lucy, my Lucy is apparently giving up everything for Lent. She has been talking non stop about making Jesus' cross lighter for days. There isn't much to my Luce so I will have to watch she actually eats and perhaps offers up 'making her bed' instead.
    May your little Lucy be filled with the HOly Spirit and always stay close to Our Lord and his Blessed Mum xxx

    On a more causal note, I love that Jake winced in that perfect pic, I love the awkward god-parent-couple-not-shot, I love that red-patterned arm chair, i love that i get to see you and your three loves altogether in one shot and i just love LJ's delicious cheeks in that last shot.
    Liv x

  6. Omg Mrs. Bazin!!!!!!!!! How fun!!!!!!!!

  7. Congrats! Yay for baptized babies!

  8. Love her, love you! Miss you guys!!

  9. Aaaawww...congrats!


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