7QT Saturday: Strolling, Board Gaming, Lenten Blathering

08 March 2014

- 1 -
We got ourselves outfitted with a double Bob stroller. I was so excited about it. Oh the walks and the jogs and the Sunday strolls! I rolled the rig out for our first ride, nestled the baby into it, and she immediately started freaking out. I have never seen Lucy June so mad. My first thought: "My life is over." And I started crying. This possibility had literally never occurred to me. Jake was the fussiest baby in the world and he liked a jaunt in the jogging stroller almost as much nursing. The cries of my chicklet in the jogging stroller were like the death knell of my sanity.

So I powered through, and she made peace with Bob, and all was well.

- 2 -
My middle name should be "overreact." When do you get better at rolling with it? Three kids? Four?

- 3 -

We've been playing the game Carcassonne a lot recently. I always lose, and I still have fun (she says Lentenly.)

- 4 -
Potty training is still happening. Still no accidents when we've been away from home, so that's all kinds of winning in my book. On Tuesday I spent the better part of naptime trying to convert a dying pocket diaper into training pants. We were shooting for this

and ended up with something more like this

Just a leeeettle bit snug about the hips.
I offered it up.

Now I will go buy some on Etsy. Or what's more likely: I will try the DIY route just one more time, have another frustration, and then go to Etsy. Why? Why am I like this??

- 5 -
We didn't get ashes on Wednesday because somebody didn't talk to somebody else and it was the first Mass of the day and somehow the church didn't have them. Jake almost threw a fit and a half when he realized we weren't getting ashes (I'd talked them up for days.) We were the only people sporting kids to the 6:45am Mass, so we were attention grabbers. Fun fun fun for everyone.

So they gave us "spiritual ashes." Can they do that? I'll go ask Kendra.

- 6 -
I'm trying to maintain my early rises for Lent. I love getting up early and savoring a cup of coffee in the quiet, so it hardly qualifies as mortification. Yesterday morning the baby woke up two minutes after I wiggled out of bed, and so I went back and nursed her down and tucked her into Jacob's armpit. Then I went back to the kitchen and had just finished making my coffee when the toddler was awake for the day. He gets to come out of his room in the morning when his Christmas lights come on, so while he waited, he played with trucks and crooned his version of "That's Amore" - and at 6:45am, I didn't amore it.

Despite foiled mornings, I will keep it up because Lent and because most mornings end up being rewarding, and even when they aren't quiet and rejuvenating, at least I don't wake up in a tempest of needy children.

- 7 -
You'll notice if you gander slightly North on the screen, that the old blogspot is now a .com. It took all kinds of fretting: rhodeslog.com vs. therhodeslog.com and the like. In the end my brother-in-law just told me to buy both, and in an unprecedented act of overspending and good sense, I did just that.

Now of course I'm considering a name change because the blog's name is all kinds of boring. When I first started the blog I spent weeks trying to pun on our oh-so-punnable last name, until I was so frustrated I decided to just call it "The Rhodes Blog."

Because that's how I live my life: All or nothing. Try, try, try, and if it isn't perfect lie down on the floor. If your gnocchi alla sorrentina goes south just boil a beet and plop it on the table. (Did that actually happen? I'll never tell.)

Anyhow, just before I named my blog "Blog," Jacob said, "At least call it The Rhodes Log" - and the blogspot was mine five seconds later in a huff.

Jacob has talked me off the renaming cliff for the time being. I'll revisit it after Lent.

And she's done. Nothing like taking three days to finish my "quick" takes. See Jen for more timely takers


  1. Since you asked . . . yes, it's legit.

    Ashes are a sacramental, which means they are a tangible sign of intangible spiritual effects. So, you still got the effects, but just not the visible part.

    But my kids would have pitched a fit too. Did you DIY that? Charcoal briquette? Dirt?

  2. For what it's worth, I love the name of your blog! :)

  3. a. What Kendra said. DIY ashes, girl.
    b. What Hallie said. I love the Rhodes Log.

  4. I saw "Larry Bird" and had to read. It was worth it. Especially when I noticed Sister LJ and was wondering what order she entered 3 seconds after baptism? And can you ask her to pray for me?

    1. Signed, Dr. Dr. JM, aka Mr Basketball

    2. She does rock a faux habit, doesn't she?

  5. He is kicking Ryan in his soiled behind! The novelty of potty training has worn off, and now if I don't force him to sit on the toilet every hour or less, it's a whole mess of laundry. So, as you can guess, we always have a whole mess of laundry. I'm just too stubborn to go back to diapers since he can pee in the toilet, but only if I am on top of my game. Which happens rarely.

    And I agree with everyone else. Great name.

  6. To answer your question re: kids...it's the fourth.

  7. I like your blog name! :)

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