16 July 2012

This weekend wasn't quite what we expected...

It began normally enough. Porch time. Oggling the basketball players at the park. Trader Joe's run...

...emergency appendectomy.

Indeed, Saturday afternoon had us putting in a call to my Dr. Parents to describe a slight but suspiciously persistent lower abdominal pain, a phone call that ended with us visiting the ER. 

When we arrived at the hospital an EMT took Jacob's temperature and checked his blood pressure and got him to describe his symptoms. 

EMT: "How would you rate your pain on a scale of 1-10?"

Jacob: "Ummm. 2."

EMT: (unimpressed eyebrow raise) "Really?"

Me: (unsaid, but aptly communicated in a telepathic glance at Jacob) "Just lie, my stoic darling, or we will be here forever."

Jacob: "Well, when I poke at it, maybe a 3."

Me: (Hangs head.)

EMT: "OK. Why don't you go have a seat over there."

And 11 hours later Jacob found himself with - as he has become fond of saying - "an appendix shaped hole."

Here he is on his gurney in the ER hallway - where he perched for 8 hours as intern after resident after attending prodded at his stomach. Each assuring him that it was probably nothing since he wasn't hurting too badly, but they were going to do some tests just in case.

The CT scan revealed - as one resident explained it - "angry appendicitis."  So into surgery he went. (The same resident informed me over the phone immediately after the surgery that it "went perfectly" and that they'd "found the appendix and took it out.") 

I spent the weekend bustling around connecting Jake with babysitters, parallel parking, and trying to play the attentive encouraging wife to Jacob - especially since he's the hippy's kid and he needed some support while going up against the big bad machine, and I'm the doctor's kid which apparently makes the hospital...like...my backyard or something.

Post-op and not too worse for the wear. 

Many HUGE THANK YOUs to this lady and this lady who came to our baby watching rescue. 

Currently, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the leaf blowers are humming all over West LA, and both my needy boys are doing me the favor of napping at the same time. 

Pleasantness be mine.

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