7 (Not So) Quick Takes

20 July 2012

Our hearts and prayers are with those who died or were injured last night and with their families. I can't imagine the horror, and I don't want to.

It feels awkward to post something today that doesn't involve this tragedy, but I'm going to. I will post something about the man that I love, because it's easier to love your loved ones on days like this.

Since Jacob's traumatic hospitalization and major surgery, I've noticed him a little more than usual. I mean. I notice him in general. Especially when he comes home early or changes the first and richest diaper of the day. I've just been noticing him more lately. So Papa Jacob gets the spotlight for today's quick takes.

 - 1 -
Since I've banned Jacob from using the table saw or the hammer for the next week at least, I've remembered how much I love that he builds things that then get tucked into corners of the house. Like this:

which he built from salvaged wood for our anniversary last month...and then carved our initials into...

And this:
 And this: 

- 2 -
Since the doctor forbid Jake (and me for that matter) from using Jacob as a human jungle gym for the next few weeks, I'm reminded that I love how tall he is and how awkwardly long his arms are. 


Height: 6'5''
Wing Span: 6'7"

- 3 -
He manages to be encouraging when I stuff some concoction usually involving almond meal and coconut oil into his mouth after the end of a work day. Like yesterday I got a: "It tastes just like the desserts from the Whole Foods freezer section."

- 4 -
I find it adorable how orderly he is. He puts everything away in deliberate places, and I can count on my fingers how many times he's left something haphazardly lying around in the three years we've been married. 

I'm not orderly at all. Once when he was trying to sift through some documents that I'd stacked poorly, I apologized that I had such a bad system. He responded. "You have a system?"

- 5 -
Oh, but, this orderliness of his has a downside: he is TERRIBLE at looking for things. If something isn't in its designated spot it is immediately and definitively lost. (Isn't that so cute?) He can never find anything in the fridge. Once he lost his tape measure for three days and must have complained about it every half an hour. I finally challenged him that if I looked for it I could find it in less than 5 minutes. He guffawed, and I set out on my quest. And within 5 minutes I returned toting his tape measure. 

Ah. It was delicious. His mouth dropped open: "No! How did you? I can't... Impossible! Where was it? In the car? But I LOOKED in the car!" 

"Not well enough apparently. It was in the pocket behind the driver's seat." I said triumphantly. I was about to lecture him on how to look for things and describe how places like pockets and nooks are prime hiding spots, elementary really, the very places you begin to look for something, when he interrupted me.

"Well then YOU lost it." I looked puzzled.

"Why would I ever have moved your tape measure?"

"I don't know. But I NEVER would have put it there."

And he was right. I was indignant and defensive, but he was right.

- 6 -
I love how big he dreams. I dream goats and chickens, and thus I frequently give him a hard time. Once when he was playfully talking about purchasing a Maserati someday, I butted in with, "And who's going to make the money to buy this vehicle?"

He gave me an incredulous up-down and replied: "Not you. Where are you headed? Babyville?"

Thanks, dear.

- 7 -
I love how much of him I see in our little boy. The independent spirit. The climbing anything climbable. The infinite curiosity.  The slopey eyelids and strawberry lips.


 - 7.5 -
(Don't worry I'll stop gushing soon...)

And I love how utterly precious he makes me feel. When he's around, I feel lovely.

I can't tell you how often I look in the mirror after I've sent him off to work, and I'm shocked at myself: the slouchy shoulders, the oily matted mess of a hairdo, the old mascara smeared under my puffy eyes, and the molasses oatmeal smudged all over my shirt by grimy baby hands.

I look at myself in disbelief and think: "This can't be me, I've been feeling so beautiful today..."

Have a blessed weekend. And go see Jen for (lots) more Quick(er) Takes.


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