Growing Up in Rural TX

17 July 2012

Ever since my mother sent me this doozy of a picture a few months ago, I knew I would eventually write a post about growing up in Texas. This is not that post. But when I read Jen's scorpion rant I knew the air was ripe for this picture. 

If you can't handle creepy crawlers then I wouldn't suggest scrolling down. Otherwise...

I've updated this with a picture of Baby Jake to throw off the thumbnail photos...

And a little more space.




A few months ago my mother put some sticky paper down to catch some mice that had become all too comfortable in our utility room. The utility room used to be the back of the house until a necessary addition to the house made it really more like...the middle. Anyhow, back to the sticky paper which my mother remembered to go check after about two weeks of nestling it behind the washing machine. 

And voila. Courtesy of my childhood home.


Texas Forever.


  1. And this is why cars across your great state warn that one should not "mess with Texas women." Any woman who can face this down and live to tell about it (and photograph it!) has my undying respect! ;)

  2. Ohhh woooow! There was a snake in my Louisiana laundry room the other day, but it was very small. I'm still putting out moth balls.

  3. Well, that's terrifying.

    If I put one of those things under my bed, I'm certain it would come out looking like this.

  4. oh my goodness that is unbelievable and really disturbing to me! I would be frightened to ever step foot in that room again. I would probably duct tape it off completely.

    I am a wimp.

  5. The kicker is... 3 weeks later we caught another one!! And just so yall know this is a grey rat snake, a constrictor and harmless to humans...I looked it up in my dime store snake booklet that is kept in my bathroom (put that one on there special for ya Katie)

  6. Oh my barf. Ok... it's official that I can never live in Texas.

  7. My wife has never seen this and yet inside my head I still can hear her scream.


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