Before and After: Our First Remodel

30 March 2016

Remember once upon a time when we bought a house with two of my brothers and remodeled it? Maybe you noticed that we moved out of it, and I never mentioned it on the blog again? A couple readers (literally two) have asked to see pictures of that effort. Here I go channeling my inner Joanna Gaines and making good. These are some of the original listing photos followed by our listing photos after the remodel.


Backyard Before
Backyard After

 Living Before

Living After

Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Guest Bath Before
This is actually the after pics of the Master Bath...but you get the idea:
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

Sigh. That felt good

We are elbow deep in our second remodel project right now, and it hasn't gone as smoothly and we're learning a lot. Like I've spent the last month learning how to solo parent at my folk's place while Jacob redoes the sewer line. I've been a real sport about it.

Happy Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. It looks beautiful! Also, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has a hard time with solo parenting whilst home repairs are going on lol

  2. Wow. Why didn't you guys stay? Are you going to continue to flip houses?

  3. Beautiful! Love how light and airy you made it look!

  4. Incredible! What a great job you guys did!

  5. Wow! Gorgeous!!!

    And my heart is really going out to you for all the *crap* tyou'te going through now.

  6. Wow!!! So good! We have a blue and pink toilet in our house and your bathroom remodel is inspiring.. #allthesubwaytiles

  7. Kate I miss you. And I'm really sorry this is taking so long and being so awful in general. Prayers you make it through!

  8. Whooooaaaaaa yours is the design aesthetic of my dreams. Seriously amazing, guys.

  9. I would've bought it! Awesome job! Is the backsplash of subway tiles hard to do? I think that's my next project, along with making cushions for our benches, and redoing the carpeting on our stairs...oh the joys of home ownership.

  10. Ahh, I've been waiting for this post! But, I loved the sneak peaks while you were still living there. We're planning a kitchen remodel that resembles a lot of yours. I'm currently channeling my inner Joanna Gaines for it on Pinterest ;) Did you gray grout the subway tile?

  11. Wow that is amazing! Are you planning on doing a lot of these houses? The after looks so good. Living in it while remodeling with kids must be hard.
    Also you should always share these because we always want to channel our internal Joanna Gaines.

  12. Happy sigh on that kitchen/bathroom subway tile. My husband has been talking about digging up our sewer line himself because it's going to need replaced sometime in the next 10 years buuuut I'm skeptical, mostly about the time commitment!

  13. Gorgeous! I particularly love the kitchen and guest bath!


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  15. You guys did an awesome job- it's a night & day difference!


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