7 Quick Takes Friday - All Jake

17 October 2014

Got some recent gems from the little Jacob to throw your way on this fine fall Friday.

- 1 -
Pulling into the parking lot before Mass:
JAKE: I don't want to go to the church with a PRAY room. I want to go to a church with a PLAY room.

- 2 -
While I was getting dressed one morning:
JAKE: Whoa, mom! Those are BIG underwears. Really big. Just huge. Huge underwears, mom.

- 3 -
Looking for our books on the hold shelf at the library:
JAKE: Where is our name???
ME: Here it is. (Pointing at the letter R.) That letter says "ruh". What do you think that word is?
JAKE: ... ... Mom-ruh?

- 4 -
After listening to Jacob and me argue about who was going to shower first one morning. Jake stands in front of the bathroom door and raises his arms.
JAKE: People, go away I needa go to da bathroom!

- 5 -
JAKE: Mama! Mama! Can we read the boring book that I don't like with all the stupid animals?

- 6 -
Talking to a single friend of ours as she was leaving:
FRIEND: Bye, Jake!
JAKE: Do you have kids?
JAKE: Babies?
JAKE (pointing at her chest): Then what are those things poking out?

- 7 -
Sitting at the breakfast table staring pensively into his oatmeal.
JAKE (sighs): I love construction.


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So. Enter up. And visit Jen for more quick takes!


  1. Oh. My.

    I don't even have a favorite one.

  2. Hahaha! I think the underwear one is my fave.

  3. Hahahaha! "I love construction." So sweet and funny.

  4. Oh my gosh, #6! I'm so excited/scared for having to deal with things like this :)

  5. Cecilia had a pair of my underwear the other day and wanted to let me know, "MOM! Look how far your underwear can stretch!!!"

    Oh yes child, I'm well aware. Such a lovely thing to point out ;)

  6. Ack ! So cute - why is it that kids "Hate" something yet want it? So don't understand, but mine do it, too.

    #4 cracks me up. =)

  7. AH. This was great. The construction comment. He sounds just like my oldest. Thanks for the cackles- I literally cackled.

  8. That kid. Oh my "what are those sticking out?" lol

  9. No. 6...my children have said that. Made me laugh and want to disappear. Love it.

  10. The underwear. You could have stopped at the underwear lol Out of control little man! He is hilarious and such a cutie!

  11. oh dear! My Buz once asked a (very obese) friend what was under her shirt…..cringe!

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