The Sweetest Thing

07 October 2014

Today was a tough one.

Not the parenting day I would submit for consideration. Anywhere. Let's just say: I'm becoming increasingly and blatantly aware of my shortcomings as a human being.

Now don't go contradicting me. I know I'm a "great mom" - that's why I'm treating myself to some great vino this evening while the menfolk work long hours at the remodel.

In an effort to keep me from dwelling on the frustrations of this "phase," I want to share one of the sweetest things about it.
It is this:

When I put Lucy June to bed I sing to her.

She rests her head on my chest, and she sings with me.

It's a bit of a cat-like groan noise, but it's her song. It's our song.

And my heart might burst just thinking about it. 
That's what I got for what's left of your Tuesday night. Cheers.


  1. Same for the day so a hearty cheers from over here.

    That Lucy June ... !

  2. Having chocolate instead of wine, because pregnancy means there's no wine except the expensive stuff that's not worth wasting if I can't drink it all... but thank God the kids are in bed and there's that much less chance I'll lose it again today. Here's to a better tomorrow!!

  3. Oh that's so adorable! And I totally feel you on the rough days!
    P.S. Lucy June is so cute.

  4. Love! My Rosemary (21 months) says "hold you!" every night, and snuggles me while twirling the one tuft of hair she has. It slays me. Those moments, man... they slip away so fast, it seems. *sniff*

    1. Gah! Hair twirlers are the cutest. (And I LOVE the name Rosemary...but Rose Rhodes...probably can't swing it)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes! I have the impulse to take a picture after every bath!

  6. That's adorable! Maggie is usually trying to claw my face off...

    And then I'm reminded, yet again, that I really should have clipped her nails. Oops.

    Adam always puts Claire to bed. He usually sings her Regina Caeli and she chimes in. Her super loud, off-key "Alleluia!" might be the most adorable thing ever.

  7. Such a sweet photo of her. Hope you had some wine with a side of dark chocolate. Singing to my boys has been the sweetest parts of motherhood for me too. especially when they get to the age where they really join in with their little toddler words. So sweet! Hope today was better!

  8. i love this. i feel the same way as a mama some days - actually, i feel that way today. here's hoping for better days all around.

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