Maui 2011

11 November 2011

Here are some photos of our trip with Jacob's family to Maui, the homeland, 

courtesy of Auntie Miranda

for Mama Joanie’s 

60th birthday. 

The trip was was amazing.

It was full of beaches


and ukuleles


and food.

some of which we paid for

a lot of which we didn't.

 Jacob told me that half his childhood was spent walking gingerly over lava rocks barefoot....Based on the experience of the last week, I’d guess the other half was spent insisting that we pull the car over every other mile to pilfer fruit from obliging yards.

There were flowers

and colors

 and clouds


and sunshine

and a baby

waiting patiently for his new cousin...

It was generally stunning.



And we can't wait to go back! Right, Jake?


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