Baby in Texas

30 November 2011

Jake and I had the fortune to make a quick trip home to my parents' house the weekend before Thanksgiving. Jake spent the majority of the weekend enjoying being the only child at home, chilling with the g-parents,

chatting it up with Nana,

and generally having entirely too much fun.

I had a pretty good time too. I was drunk on the bliss of being back. It was so familiar. Bristly dry landscapes and orange sunsets behind rusty fences and minor home surgeries...

Going back to Texas and spending time with my parents on the heels of a week with Jacob's family in Hawaii has made me think a lot about "families of origin" so maybe you can look forward to a SUPER stimulating post on that topic sometime in the near future...ESPECIALLY since I'm done with fall semester in a week and a half!! 

Yep, Baby Jake, you heard right.  

Also worthy of note: my family started a little running blog (which you should go check out) to chronicle our marathon training progress. 
Happy Wed nes day!!

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