7 Quick Takes: Spaghetti Squash Carbonara and Nap Strikes

05 September 2014

Just another naptime. Just another case of writer's block. So...Quick Takes!!

- 1 -
We ate this Baked Spaghetti Squash Carbonara for dinner one night this week. It was delish. I love The Kitchn. I also regularly use her thin crust pizza recipe, because I like my pizza papery thin but I have absolutely no skill when it comes to baking, and she's been like my little guardian pizza angel. 

- 2 -
Hopefully most of you already follow Kelli Seeley. I met her at Edel, and I've gawked at her photos ever since.

Do yourself a favor and pay her a visit!!
- 3 -
Half of the internet seems to be on the Whole 30.

I tip my hat to you!

If I Whole 30ed, I would eat so many hard squashes and potatoes. I do not do well off carbs. I feel terrible. I think the longest I've gone without heavy starches or grains is like 36 hours and it was basically the worst 36 hours of my life. Shaking. Sweats. Headaches. Weakness. Jacob got home from work, took one look at me, and then force fed me spaghetti.


Do you just have to power through that initial carb withdrawal??

- 4 -

I'm really only a good mother when my children nap simultaneously. The occasional missed nap is not a big deal because I typically have some reserves to get through the day, but when the missed naps start compiling, things get bad fast. Jake will spend his nap yelling from behind his closed door "Is it all done???" and then the rest of the day having overtired fits, and I'll spend the rest of the day about to cry/crying. I have no patience for either kid or my husband or my brother who lives with us. It's no bueno.

After one of these afternoon fiascos, I was driving the kids to my friend's house for a get together. Jake was getting very excited about all the school buses we were seeing on the road. From his car seat in the back, he said: "Someday I'm going to go to school and you're going to stay home and then I'm gonna get really big and go far away."

And...I really thought that sounded just fine.
Umm....Nope. Not feelin you, mama bunny.

- 5 -

Yesterday I was determined to break the napstrike from hell. I told Jake that if he followed his naptime rules (lying in bed quietly) we could do something special after naptime was done - WHATEVER he wanted. He then decided he wanted to make cookies and eat them in a tent in his room with tea and milk while watching Diego on my computer. I said yes to everything and the kid was asleep approximately 75 seconds later.

Bribery in the name of sanity. Maybe I'll stop this by the time I have a seven year old.

- 6 -
So. I'm kinda into reading about parenting at the moment. Often my desire to read up on certain subjects doesn't coincide with my life events, and so far into parenting I've had approximately ZERO interest in reading up on child development. But my three year old is stretching me big time, and now I've got the itch.

Also, Jacob has agreed to read exactly ONE book with me. He will listen to it in the car, but whatever, I'll take it. So which ONE will it be?? Give me your recommendations.

- 7 -
On a final and very different note.

I posted yesterday about my dear friend, Wendy, whose 17 year old brother has Leukemia. He was diagnosed less than a month ago, and he is doing really really poorly. Please please pray for John Kozak.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends. Go see Jen for more takes!


  1. awww...Kate!! *blushing* Thank you for the shoutout. Heading to adoration tonight...John will be in my prayers.

  2. Bless you! 1. I love her blog. 2. I loathe multiple missed naps. 3. We finally read Dobson's (sp?) strong willed child book. 4. Praying for your friend. So so sorry!

  3. I don't think I could do Whole30 or anything that cuts out carbs, sugar, or dairy. I don't always go nuts on allll of those, but they are definitely staples. Just like naps are a staple–a big part of Grace doing morning vs. all-day pre-k is the fact that she still takes naps frequently.

  4. The Kitchn is my go-to foodie site. Love their tips and recipes!

    Praying for John and his family.

  5. I'm attempting the Whole30 with Jenny right now. Done it once. And yes, you just have to power through the first week with no carbs. I don't eat a ton of them anyway, so maybe that's how I make it? One week in, though, and I would stab someone for a glass of wine or a potato chip. But therein lies the problem and WHY I'm doing it! Love spaghetti squash! Which is actually "allowed". Not the parm, but I might cheat on that one. Looks delish! Books - I love reading stuff like that so I would recommend anything by John Rosemond, or Personality Plus and Personality Plus for Parents - it's a guide to the four temperaments and it's awesome. Good for understanding yourself and your child and how to interact. My favorite John Rosemond book is Making the Terrible Twos Terrific - but it's really a guide to just dealing with toddlers and young pre-schoolers. I have re-read it with every kid. Also, John Rosemond's Parenting by the Book - on biblical based parenting. Also totally awesome.

  6. Both my husband and I loved Laura Hillenbrand's "Unbroken," and my husband is p.i.c.k.y.

  7. The one parenting book that did it for me is Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray. I hear you on naps! Good luck...-Lauren

  8. Kate! So good to read your blog, you are too funny, I love the bunny picture and I think the same thing when I read that book. I think bribery is my biggest parenting tool, and it reaches the level of Zen master when you can present it as their choice, like you did to Jacob. Well done. Keep the great commentary coming...

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