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06 July 2014

Tuesday has us leaving on a pretty epic trip which involves multiples destinations, relatives, old friends, and...Oahu, so posting may be a little infrequent at the Good Ole R Log over the next few weeks.

It's been an unusual Sunday. We woke up this morning and decided to hit up the 7:30 Mass at a parish close to us so we could free up the late morning to go watch my brother preach at the historic First Presbyterian Church here in Houston. He's been their college minister for over two years and it was his first time preaching in the main service.

We left the kiddos in the nursery. And true to form, Jake ran gleefully away from his parents to play in the three year old classroom - absolutely no hint of anxiety despite being in a brand new place full of strangers - while Lucy June started fussing the second I dropped her in the "crawling nursery" and managed to get herself expelled by the third song in the worship service. I went back to get her and after hurling her horribly distraught self into my arms, she sniffed twice, exhaled and then was completely fine. Separation anxiety diva if there ever was one.

Jake wasn't like that at all as a baby. He didn't care much who he was with so long as he was they were helping him do whatever he wanted. Lucy June doesn't care so much what she's doing so long as she's with the right person. Me. Me. or um. Me. UNLESS there's a kiddie pool or a power cord involved. She'd probably trade me for constant access to kiddie pool or a good teething session on a power cord. Or maybe not, but it would be a hard decision.

Fifteen minutes of blogging brought to you by constant contact with mom's shins and full access to contraband mega blocks while big brother toy hoarder naps.

Where were we?

Right. First Pres. My big brother preached today and he did. so. well. During the "greet your neighbors" time, I told everyone around me that I was his little sister, and it was everything I could do not to let out a whoop when he was finished. He then came over to our house, and we very ecumenically drank alcohol together.

I hope you've had a lovely Sunday. I'm about to forgive myself for not completing half of my to do list for the day - which included, but was not limited to, finishing up this project, sandal-worthying my toenails, folding two weeks worth of laundry, packing, booking a rental car, loading up our devices with books for my beaching and Jake's airplaning - and continue my rewatch of Band of Brothers with my husband.


  1. I'm so excited...

    That pic of Lucy June is just the sweetest. Maybe she and Wes will find a foundation for friendship in their common love (read: stalking) of their respective mothers.

  2. Have a great trip! jealous! My youngest is 9 and my husband still refers to him as "umbilical baby", because I had a 3-foot radius around me that he was apparently not allowed to break. Ever. I swear that child will be living with me when he's 30.

  3. Band of brothers is sooo good. So good.


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