Easter 2014 + a Link Up

23 April 2014

Saturday afternoon found us breaking out the turmeric and boiling down the blueberries to dye some eggs. They weren't quite as cool as last year's because I was too lazy to go buy a beet, but they did the job.

We had some multigenerational cookin in the kitchen.

And though my sausage and egg casserole was decadent and delicious, the real hit of the day was the swing Jacob made.

We got some quality time and kodak moments with

our neighbor Frankie.

Jake played most of the morning in Frankie's yard but eventually got interested in our party.

The toddler seemed to like the egg hunt

and the baby was generally content to be held the livelong day.

Our Easter was bright and filled with family and sangria.

And I'll go ahead and seize the momentum of this blog post to Answer Me This with Kendra. This week's preguntas:

1. What did your famly wear to Mass on Easter Sunday.

See above for various glimpses of our Easter finery. I'm very bad at getting any type of formal shots together. I'm much more of a candid photo over a formal photo kind of a girl, but I also recognize that photos of the entire family just don't happen naturally, so I think I'm going to have to start orchestrating them.

2. Easter bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?

I'm going to give a very apathetic thumbs down on this one. The Easter bunny didn't really play a part of my childhood, maybe this deprived me of magical moments and rich memories, but...oh well...I didn't even mention him (her?) all day.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or someone else's house.

We hosted Easter for my family here in Houston. It was my first experience hosting my mother for a holiday. I didn't really think about it at the time, but I suppose that's kind of monumental right?

We are still traveling for holidays generally. I expect to host more and more holidays as the children get bigger in mass and quantity.

4. What's your favorite kind of candy?

I don't really like most candy enough to eat it. Except chocolate. But that habit is hard to sustain because as I get older my chocolate preferences are getting more and more expensive. Like THIS STUFF. Deli$h.

5. Do you like video games?

I can get addicted to video games very easily. I was in a Candy Crush hole last summer. Jacob would get so mad when he would find me playing it when we were packing for the move. Until he got sucked in himself. Then I started getting annoyed whenever I would find him playing it. Double standard much?

Video games were a source of SO MANY fights between my siblings and me growing up that I'm gonna say no, I don't like video games. We'll see how long I can keep them out of my house.

6. Do you speak another language?

Spanish and Italian.

My childhood nanny/housekeeper was Guatemalan, so we got a lot of "Vamanos!!! Zapatos!!!!" growing up.

I minored in Italian, studied abroad in Rome, and then lived in Italy after college. So my Italian is really good. Pour me too much vino rosso sometime and I'll let you hear it.

There you have it, friends. Sigh. I wish I blogged more. I miss it when I don't. But my six month old is clingy and teething and is entrenched in a lovely phase called "I won't sleep if I don't have two hands and one foot on your person, mom" and I can't juggle blogging under these circumstances...someday perhaps.

I'm dashing down this blog post while Jake is singing her some Raffi songs, but Baby Beluga is ending now and my post as two parts mother and one party baby-perch is calling. 


  1. Oh you did the cool natural Easter egg dying too? I couldn't swing it a second year. So props to you. In other news, I want your sweater.

    1. I LOVE that sweater. It got a tiny stain on the front a few months ago, and I literally cried. I still wear it. I just hide the stain with a necklace...or a baby.

  2. Love all of these pictures! And, loved learning a bit more via the questions. Hope the teething isn't too terrible :)

    1. Britt! Thank you! My husband took some - he gives me all kinds of grief for almost never mentioning that :)

      And I can't really complain about teething, it doesn't hit my little ones that hard, but sometimes just a little extra fussiness feels like a lot of extra fussiness...

  3. What a beautiful Easter! So much sunshine! I love the swing, hopefully I can convince my husband to whip one up this weekend!


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