7QT: Huckle Cat and other Adult Concerns

04 April 2014

The kiddos have stuffy noses and a cough so I'm going to have to keep these short: little sleep, little blog.
- 1 -
Most days Jake will only cooperate with me if I refer to him as Huckle Cat, myself as Ms. Honey Bear, and Lucy June as Lowly Worm. Thanks, Rich. 

- 2 -
Jake's a pretty good little eater. He eats pretty much everything except salad greens and sweet peppers, and he'll still try those without a fight whenever we prompt him. I'm pretty proud of his palate, but as he gets older he's making it increasingly clear that he would always rather be eating plain sliced sandwich bread. 

- 3 -
I feel like this move to Houston has catapulted me into the concerns of adulthood. Instead of spending leisure time reading about the latest health food craze or sinking into the couch with some post-apocalyptic teen fiction, I read about dollar cost averages. I think that makes me less cool. But I suppose that's up for debate. 

- 4 -
The more I read about money management, the more I realize how far I am from being an organized mature adult. Contrary to expectation, it didn't happen the moment our landlord passed us the keys to an actual house to live in. (No more garages for us!

I still hate HATE making any kind of official phone calls. I am not on a cleaning schedule. I never sort the mail, opting instead to encourage my dependence on catch-alls. I don't get dressed every day. I'm actually regressing. A couple weeks ago I cut four inches off my own hair, just like I did with my bestie when I was six: we were in her parents' closet and hid all the evidence in her mother's shoes. Except this time I used a youtube video that was posted by a nineteen year old, so yeah, I've come a long way. 

- 6 -

Take Entitled: Since Moving into a House 

My kitchen is approximately three times bigger than any kitchen I've had in my adulthood, and I  grew into it in approximately 48 hours. Now I complain about having to take actual steps while unloading the dishwasher.

Jacob and I still speak as if we can hear what the other is saying no matter where the other person is in the house. And we almost can. So we try again only louder.  

Despite many promises to the contrary, the yard was messy with toys five minutes after we moved in. It is messy today. It will be messy tomorrow. 

- 5 -
Lucy June loves her brother.

For the most part

- 7 -
Also, we've been kicking the can on ordering new bees since we lost both our hives before leaving California. But it looks like we're getting some attention out by the box so keep your fingers crossed. 

Maybe I should put out another sign.

Happy weekend, friends!!


  1. I am definitely not an adult. I'm browsing my phone in pj pants that have hamburgers on them. Really. And I haven't finished an actual book in about a year, so...

    If you don't have the two of the most beautiful children then I don't know what.

  2. Definitely a phone call hater over here too! Even just calling the pediatrician or dentist sits on my to-do list for awhile before I psych myself up for it.

  3. Easton, who is 3, loudly announced this morning "this toast is the worst ever, please can I just have some cucumbers, carrots and hunnies (hummus)?" This came after last nights home made pizza debate "I do not like this flavor cheese!" (What!?!) I love that he eats his veggies and cares about well made pizzas, but he always has an opinion on what's being served to him.

    Also, from one fan to another my sister was called Lowly for the first few years of life. The nickname never stuck, but the love of the books did!

  4. 1. Lowly Worm is hilarious.
    2. Post-apocalyptic teen fiction is the absolute best!
    3. I really appreciated our tiny apt when I woke up at 4:30 am dying of thirst & had to walk all of 12 steps to get to the refrigerator.
    4. Check craigslist for bees. They're usually free if you can pick them up.

    1. You're so in the loop with that bee tip! We've got some "bees wanted" ads out on CList, and we've had one response...so Jacob might be hacking into someone's garage wall this weekend.

  5. What are you reading right now, btw? I'm reading the Matches trilogy, but so far it's not keeping pace with either Divergent or The Hunger Games.

    1. I'm actually trying to turn over a new leaf so I'm currently reading some Marilynne Robinson. I haven't finished the Divergent trilogy. I read the first one in a day, enjoyed it, but then I waited forEVer for the second one to come from the library and by the time I got it, I was kind of over it. Should I dive back in??

    2. Definitely! I really enjoyed the trilogy, even though the third book slows down some.

    3. Also, the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce is my absolute FAVORITE!! You should check it out.

  6. I finally had to make a cleaning schedule because since we moved over a month ago I have done ZERO CLEANING! Why? Because I had no cleaning schedule. How am I supposed to know the toilets need cleaning if a sheet of paper doesn't tell me?!

  7. 1. Your kids are adorable.
    2. We recently moved as well, and I too am dealing with the biggest kitchen I've ever had in my life (and it's not really ALL that big). I'm not quite sure how to handle it. Did I mention I'm Italian? And I cook every single night? This is how long I've had to deal with teeny tiny ridiculous kitchens.

    I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy reading your blog. :)

  8. I had to read number 6 to my husband because I could have written it. Our first place was a tiny one bedroom apartment in a historic (crappy) building. We moved into a duplex with a much larger kitchen and I still complain about having to walk from the stove to the kitchen. In our old place the fridge door couldn't open all the way because it hit the side of the stove.

  9. Gosh, #4 really resonates with me! I'll do some of those things for a few days in a row, look back and be all proud...but it never lasts for that long. It's hard work to be an adult!

  10. Congrats on move and welcome to the South. Just a state over in Louisiana. :) Good luck with bees!


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