The Big Purse Dump: A Link Up

25 February 2014

Linking up with Kendra today for The Big Purse Dump. I shall preface this with...I don't carry a purse. Que surprise, the woman who has worn fingernail polish all of three times in the last two decades is purse-less. Don't worry. Someday I will grow up and learn how to accessorize. It's my goal for my thirties.

I realized a few years ago that I was a total goldfish when it came to purses. However big my purse was I grew to fit into it, so I stopped carrying a purse and went the clutch route. This is the one I've been carrying for the past...year?

(Full disclosure: it's a seed bag from the hardware store...I know I know... I'm my own cliche.) It typically gets thrown into diaper bags or left behind altogether since I mostly just pocket my phone because my case houses my ID and primary credit card.

And the honest dump.

Cash. Chapstick. Pen. Receipts. Spare car key.
Rhogam record. Coin purse. Rosary. Checks
Dr.'s appt reminder from September. USB drive. Cards. Key to?? Anthropologie gift card. Natural bodycare recipes.
Gift cards to Amy's Ice Cream in Austin. Sunglasses. Address book turned grocery prices record.

So let's see. What in this mess is actually worth talking about?

Well this chapstick for one. Vanilla Mint. It's the best chapstick ever but it's been discontinued, so I've been nursing it for...ahem...too long to admit.

These Amy's Ice Cream coupons were a wedding gift from an Austin friend.

Every time in the last five years that we've been in Austin we've forgotten them, so they graduated to my purse because NEXT time we will be ready. Which might be Edel in July if you want to tag along.

And my favorite thing in here? Easy. This many years old green pouch and its contents.

It's a Florentine leather coin purse that an old boyfriend's brother bought me in Italy to replace one that was stolen from me. (Yes, Chelsea, your husband got it for me because he's swell. Now stop reading and start a blog.) The coin purse stores a crucifix that Jacob bought me in Budapest and a love letter he sent me while we were dating; it's falling apart, but we're not ;) awwwww.

And since you're all on the edges of your toilets wondering how our potty training is going, I'll let you decipher it for yourself.

I might have to rethink my rewards system...

Till tomorrow, friends!

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  1. Amy's is the best. If it says any location, you might be able to use them at the one in Houston!

  2. I don't know what a seed bag is, but I like it. And yay for Anthropologie gift card. Get thee to the mall!

  3. I FEEL like you are a kindred spirit. This might just drive me to join in this posting project.

  4. That poor boy needs M&M's, not stickers!! Alexander gets 2 chocolates for every #2 he makes. We started off doing one chocolate per #1 but he learned how to pee 100 times a day, so now it's only a #2 reward. Oh! And calling Grandma is always a good bribe/reward too. Weird but it works!

  5. That's exactly how our potty chart looks...I'm sad. But we graduated to big girl bed last night with no PTSD.

    I should go your route with a clutch. I honestly don't need a whole purse for all of 2 things that I put in there: wallet and keys (phone usually in a pocket). Sean got me an actual, semi-nice purse for Christmas and it's the first one I've ever had that's not actually a diaper bag or a travel bag or a grocery bag.

  6. I just recently started carrying a purse again for the first time since high school. The diaper bag stays in the car now and just the purse walks around with us. So basically my purse holds the most essential stuff from the diaper bag and my wallet, keys and phone. Maybe I should have just gone with a smaller diaper bag...

  7. Fun post! I've taken the clutch route since high school, but with two littles in tow I don't have the hands to hold one anymore. I find myself opting for an old purse, or just opting never to go out ever. ;)

  8. Carrying a ton of stuff around is overrated.
    That's what I tell my husband at least.
    I'm girlie as they come, but I hate dealing with my purse.
    Also, I'm going to Edel! Yay!
    Amy's Ice Cream is the best. Mexican Vanilla with gingersnaps is my fav! (Now, based on Caitlin's post above I might need to figure out where this alleged Amy's in Houston might be?!)

  9. Clutches are the best. I loved my old one, except it started to smell like my deodorant from being put under my arm all the time. TMI? And your seed bag looks very "on trend" as they say.

  10. Yeah, Chelsea! Start a blog!

    Even if she doesn't, that line at least got me to stop reading and leave a comment.

    Hi Kate! I love it here on the Rlog!

  11. I have an OCD lip balm problem too. I carry about 10 in my bag, 1 in my makeup purse, 2 in the car and usually 1 in my bra (if no pockets), pathetic huh! looks like you are too. Paul me to give it up for lent last year, didn't happen!

  12. Go to the Amy's in Htown! Their dark chocolate is the very best!


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