7QT: Pictures, Jailbears, Edel, and Potty Training

21 February 2014

Aaah. The supreme loveliness of this moment can't be understated. Tea. Cookie dough. Husband home giggling with baby daughter. Toddler napping (finally). Blogging (finally). Happy love! Happy happy love!
- 1 -

Let's start with Valentine's day. You know that heart holiday that happened LAST Friday but I'm talking about today because my blog my rules and because we totally got dressed up and we therefore must document.

Jake (and me, let's be real) made Valentine's cards. He didn't seem to care about anything but the glue stick while we made them, but afterwards he was SO proud of them.

- 2 -
The other day two patrol cars came to evict the goats next door. We were sad to see them go, but Jake did score a teddy bear from one of the officers.

He calls it his "police bear," but it looks a lot more like an inmate bear to me. Jumpsuit. Name tag.

I'm not alone in this, am I? Ain't no way that bear was riding in the front seat.

- 3 -
Jake peeked his head in the bathroom while I was taking a shower the other day and started to ask me a million questions about something. I asked if he would close the door and give me some privacy. He ignored me. I asked again. He ignored me. I asked again. He said exasperated: "I WILL as soon as I'm done talkin to you."

Nothing if not the charmer.
- 4 -
But Lucy June is not so charmed. This is her permaface when Jake is close by.

Not unwarranted, child. Not unwarranted.

- 5 -
Quick Take 5 is for this little thing:


See you in Austin???

- 6 -
So. This happened yesterday.

I had very little in the realm of potty-training aspirations. I honestly wasn't planning on potty training Jake till he was three. Then I had a newborn and realized how long I'd been in denial about how gross gross gross it is to change toddler diapers. So then I figured potty training would be a great Lenten penance, especially since Lent brings with it the welcome figure of my husband home for more than half a day a week.  

But then his year younger cousin started potty training and on Wednesday Jake started to talk about it and maybe perhaps began to show some of those "signs" that he was "ready." So I cursed, and then I jumped in. 

Yesterday we doffed the diaper first thing in the morning, and I proceeded to have the single craziest day since I became a parent. Kid 1. Kid 2. Kid 1. Laundry. Food. Kid 1. Kid 2. More Laundry. Kid 2. Kid 1. Repeat. Repeat. All day. I was like a machine. We even weathered a diaperless trip to Target to score some Dora stickers. It was a super fast trip, but honestly I was more nervous in those eight minutes than I've been since my graduate comps, and I'm pretty sure I prayed harder than I have since my confirmation. 

The day was insane and the house was a tornado, but the potty training part went kind of awesome. (She says as she knocks vigorously on wood.) Only tiny accidents. Lots of Boots stickers and even one Dora sticker...if you catch my drift. 

At one point we were in the bathroom, my son had his unders around his ankles and, because he insists on doing it all himself, I smiled my best Mrs. Affirmation and watched as he picked up his little potty basin, waddled it over to the big toilet, and poured the expressed contents in slowly and carefully. Half of me was crying because my little man was growing up so fast and getting so independent, and the other half of me was...well...gagging.

Anyhoo...another hearty welcome pat on the back from Parenthood.

- 7 -
I'm thinking I'm maybe gonna probably try and sorta jump in on Jen's 7 posts in 7 days challenge next week. Because 

why the hell not.

So get ready for some serious Rhodesian Logging.

And since I haven't posted enough pictures of Lucy June on that old blanket and she's the neglected second child, here's another.

Now off to Jen's with you.


  1. Oh Kate, You had me in stitches BECAUSE I'M DAMN WELL LIVING THE SAME HELL WITH HENRY ! The potty training and the shower talk (I don't think my 'shower talk' is www material though, a bit x rated and very funny, the turkey) They keep us grounded huh!
    As for the you and Jake doing the father's day card, get use to it, I've been doing school projects for years!

  2. I literally read this five minutes before my 2.5yo announced she wanted underwear instead of diapers. Now three hours later, we're on the fourth pair of panties. God give me patience.

  3. Oh, this made me laugh. The gagging, the stickers, the store trip… Love it. I'm almost there with my youngest. Looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. And I'm going to the Edel Gathering too. Hooray! See you in Austin :)

  4. Laughing about the gagging. And encouraging you because having potty trained FOUR boys - Jake is a total rock star. Mine NEVER went in the potty on the first day. Seriously. One took a WEEK of accidents before he even realized what was happening. He'll be done in no time. And every time I hear about Edel, I die a little death. My husband is graduating from a Master's program with the Army that weekend, so I can't come. So sad. I will live vicariously through all you lovelies having an awesome time.

  5. EDEEEEEEEEL! See you there! Angels and saints defend you for the next few potty-drama days.

  6. Best wishes with the potty training!
    And I'll see you in Texas this summer!

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