7QT: Like Father Like Son

28 February 2014

So this week I've managed to get up before the kiddos and do some writing in the predawn quiet every day. I have liked it. I have liked it a lot. I can't tell you how many mornings in the past two and a half years I have been woken up by wafting diaper bombs or someone jumping on my head. I even slept in this morning to see if I missed my 40ish minutes of quiet typing and coffee drinking, and I really did. So I'm feeling a Lenten resolution coming on, but we'll see...

For the days when I don't get up before the sun there's always the tuneful Mrs. von Trapp. She's governessing my son right this moment so I can hammer out some memorables from the team of Jacobs in the house:

From the Little Man:
- 1 - 
A few weeks ago Jakeboy brought me a "taco." 

Two small plastic cows and an acorn folded up in a breast pad.

- 2 -
During nap time the still awake toddler hears the baby squawk:

Jake: Baby sister! Baby sister, I coming for you when this is all done!!!

- 3 -
During a similar naptime:

Jake: "Katie!!! Katie, move your asst!!"

(Pretty sure that's all you, honey.)

And From the Big One
- 4 -
We were reading about Our Lady of Guadalupe while driving around our new neighborhood the other day, and we stopped directly behind a car with a decal of the icon stuck to the back window. 

Jacob: "Whoa. What are the chances?" pauses "Probably pretty good."

- 5 -
After I expressed some mild frustration about something he'd shared with his family in an e-mail.

Jacob: "Alright. How about I just ask you before I say anything to anyone ever."

Sweeter words were never...

- 6 -
Bemoaning how little he'd done compared to Thomas Jefferson at his age.

Jacob: "Think about my biography: At 28, he drove around installing closets, sometimes listening to presidential biographies."

- 7 -
Me: You're 29 dear.


And so am I. Cuz it's my birthday or something today. I'm happy houring with the huz sans kids and don't you know I'll be toasting all of you. 


  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Here's to the last year of 20-hood being great! And yay for your birthday not falling in Lent this year...drinking with no guilt!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your special day!

    #3 killed me. Death by laughter!

    Something very similar to #5 had been said in out house a time or two!

  3. Happy birthday! #5 - yes, I think this one is my fave :)

  4. Happy birthday!! Watching the Olympics was a little sad when my husband and I realized that almost ALL the gold medalists were younger than us.

  5. Move your ass, Katie! Priceless. Hapoy birthday!

  6. Yay, happy birthday!! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a mildly swearing child :-)

  7. Happy Birthday!!
    Hope your guys are treating you right.

  8. Happy birthday, lady! Miss you all.

  9. Happy birthday! I hope it was lovely :)


    I chuckled at your #5 because that has happened with us at least 5 times. Love you and hope you had a wonderful day!!

  11. I hope you had your asst a wonderful birthday. Jordan tripped the other day and said something that sounded suspiciously close to"shit." I'm also going to go ahead and blame the husband for that one.

    Happy Mardi Gras!


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