Four Things For Which I am Grateful

29 August 2013

Before I get all chipper, let's wallow a little, shall we? 

I'm super emotional this pregnancy. I kinda don't know myself.

Yesterday, Jacob had the day off and when we came back from swimming, he asked what was for dinner. I said I didn't know, and I wasn't hungry. He proceeded to heat up leftover pasta for himself and the little man, and when he brought the food to the table, I broke down in a puddle of tears and ran to the bedroom. 

He eventually came and sat next to me on the floor. He held me, and said he was sorry, and I mumbled something about him and Jake ganging up on me. I don't know. I've already forgotten. It was one of my more admirable moments to be sure.

Jacob is going out of town this weekend for his cousin's wedding, and I won't even be able to text him. I expect to spend all of Saturday and Sunday in a crumpled mess.

I really just need to make a shirt that says "Only Sympathy Will Be Tolerated" and wear it for the next eight weeks.

Eight weeks! 

I haven't been doing a great job counting this pregnancy, and on Tuesday I was SURE I was 33 weeks pregnant until my BabyCenter app notified me differently and clocked me at a disappointing 32.  

So I cried. 

Ok. Ok. Alright. Enough is enough. Getting off the Complain Train. Onwards to:

Four Things I'm Grateful for Today As Evidenced in the Pictures Below

My little person.

A balcony where he can pour water in and out of various containers. 

The pool guy (not shown) who enraptures him and gives me a solid ten minutes of uninterrupted coffee drinking and blogclicking every morning.

And my garden.
Now I'm off to my stay-sane activities of the day: churning six quarts of cream into butter, sewing my flat diapers into prefolds, and making date-sweetened horchata. (I know!! That sentence makes me want to be my IRL friend, too!)

Happy Thursday! 

(And go love on Jessie the Early Bird, because she's a hoot and a half and more pregnant than anyone should ever have to be.)


  1. I'm grateful for more Jake pics!

    Also, in the last, ohhh, 16 hours I have cried three times, not because of anything that has actually happened to me but because of various news bits on NPR and minor side plots on The Good Wife.

  2. Are you having a girl? Girls make you mooooooooody. When I was pregnant with my daughter, someone would say hi to me and glance down at my belly, and I would get so upset that they were telling me I was fat.

  3. Jake is the most beautiful child. And I haven't been out of Bloglovin' for a while..not sure how new your layout is but it looks fantastic. I love that embroidery you did.

  4. I love how Jake is standing on the board to get a better view! Mine were always enraptured by the garbage truck and any other truck activity that would arrive unexpectedly on our street. And what the heck is horchata?

  5. My mom said that when she was pregnant with me my Dad asked where the scissors were and she just started bawling saying, "I don't know!!" :)

    I LOVE that you are blogging so much! I feel like I'm being given a gift!

  6. I don't know how you do it! Churning cream into butter? cloth diapers? I had to google horchata...I really am so impressed.

    And this morning Anna was talking all about Jake and your porch and asking when she was going to see her friend again. She promised me she wouldn't act like a fool next time...but we shall see.

  7. Oh gosh you should have seen me at work a couple weeks ago. A patient was grumpy and even though I KNEW it wasn't personal I couldn't stop crying for an hour. Everyone was worried about me. So embarrassing.

  8. Of course they were ganging up on you! Horchata is soo tasty. The last time I made it, I broke my worth it.

  9. 2nd pregnancy + Girl pregnancy + summer pregnancy = lots of mom meltdowns. At least it did for me.
    I'm not pregnant now, but I'm also having an emotional week. Aside from actual stressers, I think I'm going to blame blues on too much sun. Everyone always says that a lack of sun makes you depressed, but I'm going to disagree this time. It's just too hot and I want to stop sweating and let my kids spend 6 hours outside without worrying about heatstroke.
    Feel better!

  10. Kate! I LOVE your new blog look. Help meeee how did you do it? I cannot wait to catch up on your blog but from the brief skimming I've done while the babe napped, I want you to know I am praying for you!!


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