7 Late Takes

24 August 2013

- 1 -
Jumping in for the quick takes today because half of my blog is quick takes and I wouldn't want to skew the average. 

Truth is, ladies (and Michael...and apparently Mac,) I need a framework because I'm hurting for material.

Good Ole Robert Frost famously said that "To learn to write is to learn to have ideas." You don't know HOW that quote plagues me. I like words a lot. I think I'm moderately good at stringing them together, but I'm pretty much chronically suffering from writer's block.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine soon after she'd started her blog.  She was telling me about how before beginning her own blog, she'd only followed two blogs - neither of which, if I remember correctly, were related to mothering or her Faith - and she was thinking about how somebody needed to write a blog about raising Catholic kids and how much she'd love to write such a blog. So she did just that. Then after she started her blog, she found this big community of Catholic mom bloggers and dove right into the fray.

I was washing dishes as we chatted, and I remember staring into the sink basin and realizing something. You see, I would never have had that thought process. Every idea I have is followed by this thought: Git yourself on over to the Google and find all the other people who've already done this better than you. And Google never fails me.

I kinda already knew that about myself, but what I hadn't truly realized before that moment was that there were people who probably didn't think that. Or laughed it off. Or figured their perspective was still worth something. Or I don't know. But the important thing was, THOSE were the people doing things. My kind of people are still staring at blank screens.

INFJ, in case you wanted to know (even though I have no clue what that means and I'm afraid to find out.)

- 2 -
So I will attempt to squash all the annoying naysayers in my head and plunge forward.



See all the trouble I'm having? It's really hard to believe because I'm totally an oversharer in real life. I hoard my alone time, but when I'm with people I talk way too much and don't ask nearly enough questions. 

If you know me and disagree, I direct you to my husband. One time after I'd just finished communicating something - and taking probably five minutes too long to do so - I turned to him to get a response.

He looked at me blankly.  Then his face was guilt-ridden and he said:

"It's not that I don't care. It's just that I didn't think what were you saying was very important."



I love you too, dear.

- 3 -
Here is a photo. 


This is the stuffed animal Jake has named after my brother, his "uncle lobert".

Rob Scotts Wedding

"Uncle Lobert" is on the right. The resemblance is truly striking.

- 4 - 
The guy on the left up there is also my brother. He got married in April and I'm only now just getting to facebook to steal photos for you all.

Scott Jordan Wedding 3

Scott Jordan Wedding 4

Scott Jordan Wedding

Scott Jordan Wedding2

Was there ever a more stunning wedding?

- 5 -
This week also involved making butter because my Houston foodie endeavors have not rendered a good butter source yet, but they got me a STEAL on cream from pasture fed cows.  If you've never had butter from grass fed dairy you're missing out, friends.

 Here's the little man shakin' it real good.



- 6 -
In other food news, I have found an awesome egg source. Aren't they lovely? Some of them are blue!

Our Egg Lady lives in a very old house with her father and she positively obsesses over her chickens. She must have forty and they all have names. You get the sense she doesn't get out much, and whenever we go pick up our eggs she won't stop talking and we have to interrupt her to leave. (I'm pretty sure I'm not like that if you just glanced back up at my "oversharing" admission in number two.)

- 7 -
This week also involved NOT thinking about these things:


600 sightings have been reported across Texas in the last month. I saw four in the last week. Two in Fredericksburg and two outside Uvalde. 

They are literal bloodsuckers that come feast on you while you sleep. Nicknamed the Kissing Bug because they're drawn to the warmth and carbon dioxide of your breath. 

They often carry a parasite that can cause paralysis and death. I know. I KNOW. And we live here on purpose. 

Go enjoy some other takes now. (Just don't tell Jen about the Kissing Bugs. And if you do, at least be encouraging, and tell her that despite an attraction to domestic animals, they like dogs better than cats.) 


  1. I want an egg lady and I want to make butter. Ugh Kate you always make me feel I can do these awesome homemakey things and then I lose steam as soon as I get to the store and pick up nasty off brand butter and caged up eggs.

    Sincerely, Wish-I-Were-Crunchy

  2. Blue eggs are the best! We had a few chickens that laid those a while back, but we didn't get that breed again (we accidentally got a rooster of that breed one year, and it was the most eeeeeevil creature on the planet. Scarred us for life.).

  3. Well I'm INTJ, so the difference must be in thinking vs feeling somehow. My approach is kinda "all confidence no technique," but hey it gets the job done. And I have to say, I LOVE Jake's quote. I laughed out loud. I've thought that myself, but I'm pretty sure I've managed not to say it out loud.

  4. Wow, you completely summed up how I feel about my blog pretty much every day. In fact, my husband and I had a conversation the other night where he encouraged me to write and I shot back almost verbatim what you typed. Yup, it sucks being inside a head like this all.the.time. Really puts a cramp in moving forward with life!

  5. Oh no I can sense the nightmares coming on now due to #7. I didn't know about those things and now I do! I can never go back!

  6. Yet another reason we are kindred spirits...I too am INFJ, though I'm only borderline I, bc I have tested ENFJ before too. And what you were describing in your #1 take is the single reason I haven't started a blog :) Except I vote you write every day because you are an amazing writer and I miss you and want to know all details of your new Texas life.

    1. Oh! And did you know that INFJ is the most rare of personality types?? Only 1% of the population!

  7. I had some rethinking of "what the heck am I blogging about?" about three months ago ... shortly after the babe arrived. That being said, I go through writing idea spurts, but suddenly now when I have more ideas I have less time. But when I had more time I had fewer ideas. Ugh.

    And I always talk too much.

  8. INFJ here too. No advice, just solidarity.

  9. Those bugs are terrifying. The only reason I'm going to sleep soundly tonight is that I'm pretty sure they're not in California.
    I think I'm seeing a trend with certain personality types and blogging... I just touched on it in yesterday's quick takes, that I'm an INFJ and two other bloggers I know commented that they are too. Someone needs to take an official pole, because I bet most Catholic mom bloggers are INTJ's or INFJ's. Verrry eeenteresting.

    1. Or a poll, but I guess they can take a pole while they're at it.

    2. I think you're right Nichole and they are both super rare personality types. What did we used to do before the internet? Cats maybe? Lots of cats?

      And I have to also agree with Martha on the new header, it's great!

    3. I just saw your comment, Kendra. Cats! Funny, and probably true.

  10. I love your blog, and wish you would post MORE!! And after reading about that bug, I will never, ever get worked up about a palmetto bug ever again. Bleh.

  11. INFJ here too. : )
    And those bugs are horrific. I worry about Lymes disease ticks here in Delaware. In good old sunny California we didn't have scary bugs like that!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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