One Jakeboy and Three Uncles Texaning it Up

12 November 2012

We returned late yesterday from our four day jaunt. Going back home is always such a whirlwind. The time zone change makes for late nights and groggy mornings. My mom always has some type of new coffee gadget - this time it was a milk-frother - which helps those groggy mornings. There are so many people to see and conversations to be had, and I always feel like I'm being cut in half when I leave.  

It was a great age to take Jake because he speaks "ball" and so do my brothers. So here at least is the uncle time of our trip.


Basketball is certainly the fave, but he's pretty indiscriminate. 

On the inside looking out at a pingpong game.


A little trip to my Alma Mater's football game found us under the Friday Night Lights. Jake stood at the sidelines and leaned so far forward with his mouth hanging open, he almost fell over. He got some action on the field after the game.
jake football FNL

So let this be the jock portion of the trip updates, and I'll soon gleefully post the girlier one. Signing off with three pics of three different uncles and the same toddler three times.
I know. I know. Shamelessly photo-heavy. Perhaps I'll have more words for you when the semester is over in four weeks - but I'll probably have an equally lame excuse for lack of energy by then, so don't count on it.  


  1. I want to comment just because I now can! Great photos! I know.... shamelessly short!

  2. The photo-heavy ones are my favorite.


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