Classroom and Baby's Room

01 November 2012

 From The Classroom
I have been in a grading hole for the past two weeks. Which means I've been grading student work, sending frantic text messages to Jacob begging him to come home early, and Googling things like "unsupervised activities for toddlers." Productivity be mine.

I realize I only go to work once a week, and thus I should lemonade my lemons or something, but this semester is DOING. ME. IN.

I complain about teaching incessantly, but it has it's moments. And since I've finished my mountain of grading, I'm inclined to share some with you because they've afforded me some gems this semester. Though nothing quite as good as last semester.

One of my students recently asked me if I'd been to "teacher school."

One of them wrote about "conventions" but consistently misspelled it as "convections."

Still another went to a "recession" for her friend's quinceanera.

Then there was this classic: "My coach came over because he could tell that my well-being was bothered...but I kept optimistic thoughts filtering throughout my mind."

Perhaps one needs to have been steeped in grading for days upon days for the above to amusing, but I thought I'd share them just the same.

From the Baby's Room
In babyland we've been welcoming in the new season with a doozy of a cold and feeling mostly like this.
And mom is getting to RUIN JAKE'S LIFE!!!!!! every fifteen minutes when she tries to tackle snot river. He is living with a constant film of crusted boogers on his face because I can't stay on top of all the runniness, and once it's dried over....because as far as he's concerned getting his mug cleaned is nothing short of being waterboarded...and I'm a softie.

Other than that I've been letting him have free reign of destruction so I have time for schoolwork.


And we still throw tantrums whenever mom attempts a photo shoot.


I bet you thought when I gave you a real update you'd get something, I don't know...interesting? unusual? Pumpkin patch? Halloween Costume? Sorry. 

But in other and VERY good news, my friend Jessie has finally crossed the bridge from stalker to blogger, and I couldn't be happier about it. So you should definitely click on over.

Don't forget to keep optimistic thoughts filtering throughout your minds! And Happy Hallow's to all of you!


  1. HA!! I think some of my former genius students might have graduated right into your classroom.

    And the concrete nose IS THE WORST. Sebastian and I still can't talk about that rough patch of our relationship.

    SO excited that Jessie started blogging!!! Which I just spelled bloggin. ew.

  2. Kate thank you, you are so sweet.

    And thank you ALSO for posting - I come here everyday (not joking) with high hopes and shed an e-tear when there's nothing new.

    Jake is just tooooo cute. I want to kiss his blond head.

  3. Love love love reading this blog!

  4. Yayyyy! Love the update and so excited about Jessie! :)

  5. Love reading your grading gems. What age are these students? Jake looks fantastic, even with boogers.


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