Beekeeping Saga III

25 March 2012

In my frustration at not being able to share in the post Hunger Games viewing glow, I have decided to highlight our own saga this weekend.

The bees are back. The war was really short lived, and it looks like our little friends are here for good.

There's something very appropriate about it I suppose. We lost our last swarm a couple of months before we had to move and our little house was razed to the ground. Now that we've committed to LA at least for a while longer, the bees have recommitted to us. 


They're honestly lovely creatures. They spear out of the hive light as day on their runs, and then they return all wobbly when their legs are laden with pollen. Jake and I go watch them everyday. Preferably in the heat of the day when they're super active. This probably isn't wise since as far as I know we are both deathly allergic...I've never been stung. And (knock on wood) neither has he.

Jake isn't as interested in them as I am. He's much more into dirt and sprinkler heads.

Anyhow. There are some buzzings for you. Hopefully my next segment in the saga will involve honey!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. You are hilarious! I love this post. I did part II to beeswax candles and I gave you the Liebester blog award :)


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