31 March 2012

So, we have definitely entered the "Where are your baby's shoes?" phase of parenting. 

You, see it's not that Jake doesn't have's just that his mother doesn't know how to put them on. 

Every time I try he refuses to unfurl his toes and the whole thing is just impossible. Every couple of days, we find ourselves in a Cinderella's-stepsisters-type dance when I determine to get some shoesies on his feetsies.

He has now outgrown several pairs that never fit??? When do they teach you how to put shoes on a baby? Did I miss that in my birthing class? Is it in one of the baby books that I haven't read? Maybe it's not my fault at all...and my baby's just...deformed? 

I invite any feedback regarding the shoeing of a baby. And for that matter, I invite any feedback regarding the sock-ing of a baby.

Because this is the end of a good day.


  1. I think they are SO ugly but those Robeez (sp?) shoes stay on well. I go the barefoot route -- even though Simon says it is super trashy.

  2. P.S. I found one of Jake's socks in our office.


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