Thinking about Detoxing

11 April 2016

The two littlest are working their way through Roseola. Roman was a pretty high maintenance little invalid, but Lucy June is sweeter than sweet. She lies on the couch and every once in a while lets out a melodramatic sigh and says: "I'm shick." 

When Jake was a baby, he was so rarely sick. Now that we have three littles, it feels like someone always has something: a runny nose, a rash, a cut we're making sure doesn't get infected. Weirdly, this malady-train has taught me about living in the moment. I want my kids to be well. I try to keep them healthy, but ultimately I can't control whether or not they get sick, so I have to let go. I also can't wait for the moment when everyone is simultaneously OK to finally relax because that moment may never come. I have to learn how to hold a beautiful Sunday evening in one hand and a feverish toddler in the other. 
That said. All the little sickies have got me thinking about some kind of detox. 

I'll (roughly) follow Mark Hyman's 10 Day Detox which is a lot like the Whole 30, but only ten days and with lots of specifically detoxing foods. Hyman is the president of the Institute of Functional Medicine. I listened to a lecture of his about biological food addiction, and then I got his book from the library, and now I'm worried that I'm a little too dependent on high glycemic foods. His detox involves daily exercise and a powerhouse of a smoothie in the mornings and a lot of journaling and reflection and Epsom salt baths in the evening. It also discourages screens before bed. So it would have me commit to ten days of new routines that I might want to implement.

People swear by by low-glycemic protocols, and I want to see how mine does on one. I'm starting to have those lovely complaints like brain fog and dry eyes and puffiness and junk in my throat in the mornings. I'm starting to feel older. And instead I want to feel me some optimum wellness

I tend to turn my nose up at detoxes probably because I'm pretty bad at doing them. I'm really good at eating mostly healthfully: lots of veggies and salads and intentional this and that, but I'm terrible if I have to give up my coffee/cookie mornings and wine/chocolate evenings. Terrible. I can forgo the occasional kettle-cooked potato chip binge, ice cream, yogurt covered pretzels, strong margaritas, and big hamburgers, but if I mess with my coffee or my wine or their attendants, we're talking toddler levels of brain integration and mood management. Once I wrap my brain around that hurdle I'll be on my way.

So that's what I've been thinking about. Since yesterday anyway. I'm writing it here because - as Gretchen Rubin has convinced me - I'm one of those unfortunate people who needs external obligations to get stuff done. And since Jacob has zero desire to ever ever do anything like this with me, you, little blog, get the job.

 No commitments yet, though. Still just planning. [And Jacob's somewhere laughing.]


  1. Worth it. Do it. Just sayin'. Hardly any ear infections/colds over here anymore-low gluten and no processed sugars after we did the detox!

  2. Where can I find the Dr. Hyman lecture you mentioned? I too strive for optimum wellness but feel like I can't quite get there! I have the Whole30 book ... but am hesitant to start because I just STRUGGLE to say no to sugar! I'd love to listen to that lecture ... and possibly try his 10 day detox as well ... thanks for the tips!

    1. I listened to a lecture that my mom went to because she's doing a functional medicine certificate. I imagine you could find him talking online somehwere...I'm sure he covers all of it in his book The Blood Sugar Solution...if you could swing reading a book

  3. haha, all our 3 have been sick for about 2 months, just taking turns and overlapping sometimes. I do NOT remember this happening when we just had 2 kids!!!

    I have been eating pretty freely (all healthy!) but I'm getting chunky even though I'm nursing the baby yet. So I need to do something. But I'm not sure I even want to check out the detox thing - oh man. I would not be happy without my coffee every morning. I get headaches.

  4. I think we have two completely unrelated viruses making the rounds in our family right now..,

  5. I'll be interested to see what you do - keep us posted!


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